We are back at our HQ. Parallels Summit was great, we talked to many Telco’s and hosters from all over the world. In every conversation one thing became clear, they struggle to move customers beyond email. They now offer Office 365 being Exchange Online or host it themselves as Hosted Exchange. In both scenario’s SharePoint is not in the picture at all. The product manager of a big Telco even told us he thought SharePoint would not survive in the SMB market.

After introducing him too Workspace 365 he changed his mind. He told us that with our simplification of Office 365 and SharePoint in particular, he actually believed this was the better alternative. Through a powerful online Document Management System, with all the benefits from the Online Office Apps. To demonstrate the simplicity of Workspace 365 and the use of Office 365 or Hosted SharePoint/Exchange we created branded workspaces at our booth. An example of one of these branded workspaces is the one we made for Telefonica.

As you can see, a clear and easy to use interface. This was our message at Parallels Summit. We spoke with Telefonica, Appriver and many others about the simplicity which we added to Office 365 so anyone can easily create, send and store documents. This makes Office 365 easier to use and so it is easier to sell Office 365 licenses.

One of the most memorable things at the Parallels Summit was the opportunity to talk to many large partners on an executive level, with the intention to boost business together. Parallels Summit really matched the vibe at Mardi Gras, an open culture, everyone was there to have a good time!