With great enthusiasm we announce our new partner, Brunel. Brunel offers thoughtful and future-proof IT solutions that fit your organisation, strategy and the needs of end users. Meanwhile, they have grown into a global organisation based in 44 countries.

Brunel makes technology accessible for companies and delivers across the entire IT domain. They realize efficient and secure Hybrid IT Platforms, guide organisations in the transition to the cloud and manage the IT environment if required. Brunel helps organisations take existing IT services to the highest level of service, the choice of future-proof information facilities, and uses systems that add value to the business process.

“We see in Workspace 365 the ideal partner to further support our customers in their transition to the cloud. Workspace 365 offers whole new possibilities for our customers and simplifies the way our customers work in a beautiful way,” said Ryan van der Leeuw, Managing Consultant and Community Manager MS365 at Brunel.

Brunel discusses the needs of your organisation. That way, they guarantee customisation and advice, fitting your organisation, so you can keep up with the digital developments.

With a passionate team of IT specialists, Brunel always has the right solution for your capacity or knowledge question. Their motivation, passion, energy and result-focused approach are the secret to success!

“We are very happy with our new partner Brunel. With their experience and expertise we can provide organisations with a future-proof IT solution. We look forward to working together!”, says Tony Bennink, Partner Success Maker at Workspace 365


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