We are proud to introduce our new partner, Eastbridge, located in Nijverdal, The Netherlands. Eastbridge is a leading provider of smart ICT solutions.

Eastbridge provides the ideal and secure online work environment for organisations. This service allows employees to work and communicate anytime and anywhere in an online environment. Eastbridge helps organisations in a personal way: they visit their customers, think along, install and manage. In addition, they are always available via the helpdesk .

 The Eastbridge team assists organisations in a pragmatic way with all aspects of their automation. They ensure that all components work together optimally and manage the automation in a structured and professional manner.

  • Proactive and transparent service provision
  • Contribution to more efficient business processes so that work becomes easier and more fun
  • Experienced and versatile team of ICT specialists
  • No-nonsense approach with focus on long-term collaboration

“At Eastbridge we are pleased to be a partner of Workspace 365 because we believe in simplifying ICT environments within organisations and we can therefore more easily realise the ideal online work environment for our customers,” said Rob Barentsen, Managing Director of Eastbridge.

“We are pleased to have Eastbridge as a partner and look forward to the collaboration. Together we help organisations to optimise processes and further improve information services,” said Tjibbe Vissers, Success Maker at Workspace 365.


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