Our new partner Micral is based in Hengelo. Micral makes complex IT solutions accessible, save and responsive for organisations. They ensure that the data and workflow are in top condition, so organisations perform at their best.

Micral combines technical knowledge with years of experience in different verticals. They specialise in automated work environments for government, education, municipalities, business services and industry.

With their team of specialists, they combine knowledge of the latest proven information and communication technology with the passion to really help people and organisations to move forward. Micral ensures that companies can flex with their IT. Not to brag, but to inspire. All this so that they can move forward in the market easily and powerfully.

  •  IT specialists who understand you
  • Provide all the IT that organisations need
  • They automate everything except the contact with organisations

“We are very happy with Micral as a Workspace 365 partner. Their years of experience within different verticals allows us to provide our customers with the best solution possible,” said Tony Bennink, Partner Success Maker at Workspace 365.


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Nadia Hop

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