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Customer: Library West-Achterhoek

– Library
– Arnhem, Netherlands

Reseller: Lancom

– Rotterdam, Netherlands
– Complete ICT solutions


check Huge saving on terminal server costs.

check Work device and location independent.

check An innovative interface, which is future ready.

“The libraries save a lot of costs because many of their applications are completely web-based, making the server superfluous.” – Paul van Wingerde, commercial director, Lancom

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By accessing all the cloud applications through Workspace 365 in your browser, workspaces in libraries become easier and cheaper

Library West-Achterhoek consists of seven branches. In total there are 55 employees, 44 public workstations and also 38 tablets. Since many applications used by the library moved to the browser, they decided to look for a workspace that is device independent and makes sharing documents easier.

ICT provider Lancom already had experience with overall IT management for libraries and suggested the library two options; a full Citrix environment or a cloud environment using Workspace 365. Since most library applications already shifted to the browser they chose the Workspace 365 solution to offer their employees a complete browser-based workspace.

“Libraries can purchase Office 365 with a discount. By linking this to Workspace 365 they then get a complete solution with all their services in one place without having the high costs of a terminal server. Most employees work in a complete cloud environment, while some employees use the hybrid version of Workspace 365 combined with Citrix.” Said Paul van Wingerde, commercial director at Lancom.

The library staff now have access to all their programs, like Vsmart and Bicat Wise, from one central starting point, from any device with a browser. The employees also enjoy the fact that they only have to learn something new once, because even when the underlying techniques of Workspace 365 change, the user interface will always remain the same. By simplifying SharePoint employees can create documents quicker and share them more easily with all the seven branches via Workspace 365, using any device.

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