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Customer: Fundis Group

Healtcare organisation

Reseller: Lemontree

IT service provider
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check Specific apps per user group.

check Working independently from device or location.

check Reliable and uniform workspace to increase productivity.

Saskia Otten Manager Backoffice Fundis Services“The OneDesk Mobile concept from Lemontree offers Fundis employees a user-friendly workspace which is accessible any time, anywhere and from multiple devices.” – Saskia Otten, Manager Backoffice, Fundis Services


About Workspace 365

Workspace 365 is the platform to simplify your work: everything you need to do your job, integrated into one workspace.

Complete control over your documents, e-mail and every other business process from one central starting point in your browser, from any device

By logging in to the workspace you can open both web and Windows applications with just one click. With uncomplicated Business Apps like Project Management, Activities or Time Registration, you simplify any process.

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Easy access to applications in a uniform workspace for 1,300+ healthcare professionals from several organisations

Fundis group is a network organisation which focuses on improving the supply of healthcare services. With this, Fundis wants to offer high quality care and services for vulnerable elderly and chronically ill.

“Not all 11 organisations of Fundis have the same IT structure and design. Because IT is critical for the Fundis mission, we were looking for a concept that was very reliable, focuses on the productivity of the employee and a simple to use workspace.” says Saskia Otten, Manager Backoffice at Fundis Services.

Lemontree, IT service provider specialized in cloud solutions, introduced a future oriented workspace named OneDesk Mobile, in which Office 365, fixed and mobile telephony and Workspace 365 form a user-friendly and complete workspace. Lemontree subsequently customized Workspace 365 for each of the 11 Fundis organisations. Because of this, employees only see the applications they need.

Through a clear and structured tile page, employees can easily click on applications, like specific intranet pages or client management systems. In addition, the workspace offers a simplification of SharePoint, so that employees can easily manage documents and open their mailbox, calendar or contacts with just one click. The Lemontree concept also offers a possibility for telephony and conferencing via PC or other devices. Lemontree used Workspace 365 in such a way that healthcare professionals have more time for their clients, by using a user-friendly workspace from any device.

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