logo centrum voor jeugd en gezin

Customer: Centrum for youth and family

– Health Care
– Netherlands

Reseller: TCS Automatisering

– Netherlands
– Complete ICT solutions


check Quick instant-access to apps and data

check Work device and location independently

check A clear and future-proof user-interface

 “By bringing all services together health care workers can focus on taking care of  patients instead of IT processes.” 

Machiel Morsink, commercial director, TCS Automation

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Health care workers can access all their apps faster and easier by opening them in their browser using Workspace 365


The Centrum for youth and family (Jeugd & Gezin, CJG) is a cooperation between teams of specialist from multiple organizations. They work together with the goal to support parents, supervisors and the youth. The teams consists of pediatricians, social workers and youth psychologists. As the team members operate from different locations they looked for a solution to work together from anywhere.

Automation specialist TCS Automation introduced the browser-based workspace, Workspace 365, as a cloud portal to bring all the IT-services together in one overview. The simple user-interface, and the fact that users only see the apps they need, allowed the employees to quickly adopt the workspace. After an introduction session the CJG teams were ready to use Workspace 365 as a Health Care workspace.

By logging in to the browser-based workspace team members can easily execute their job. Within one click they can edit documents, send emails or open apps like their client management system. The simplification on SharePoint makes it easier for the specialists to find documents using their document app which brings together all their files. Next to this, every care team has a shared mailbox from which they all work within the workspace on any device. The care workers use their Office 365 calendar within the workspace during house visits to quickly create appointments with families, without having to log in again. The simplicity and overview of Workspace 365 allows team members to focus on the youth and family instead of the IT processes.

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