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Customer: GGZ Friesland

Health care institution 

Reseller: Accent

ICT-service providers
Sneek, Netherlands


check One document app simplifying SharePoint & OneDrive 

check  Intuitive interface resulting in fewer questions regarding the use of document management compared to SharePoint

Geerianne “Access to documentation is crucial for our employees. Workspace 365 brings the simplification SharePoint needs to be deployed on a large scale.” – Geerianne Vos, Teamleider IT Operations en Helpdesk, GGZ Friesland

About Workspace 365

Workspace 365 is a platform to simplify the way you work: it has everything you need to get your job done, integrated into one workspace.

Complete control on your documents, email and any other company process via one central starting point in your browser, from any device.

Log in once to access all your applications, both web and Windows, in just one click. With simple Business Apps like Project Management, Activities or Time Registration, you can simplify any process.


Healthcare staff is now able to easily open, create, share and edit documents from any device

GGZ Friesland found themselves in an Office 365 migration process and was examining SharePoint as a replacement for their file server. One of the requirements was easy access to the documents. That is why they have ultimately selected Workspace 365, set up as MyDesktop.Online by Accent, on top of SharePoint and OneDrive for Business for independent working with documents and diligent transfer of patient data. 

GGZ-Friesland about the new workplace

“First, we have been examining the use of SharePoint online & OneDrive for Business. This resulted in so many questions from users that we didn’t want to take the risk to completely migrate. Our IT-service provider Accent then put an intuitive interface on top of SharePoint. SharePoint’s strength is further being enhanced and its use being simplified. New user testing for MijnDesktop.Online showed that the number of questions significantly decreased. Now all 2000+ employees have been moved to the new document solution.” According to Geerianne Vos, Team leader IT Operations and Helpdesk at GGZ Friesland. 

Vision for Workspace 365 and health care institutions

“Most people are not fond of large migration processes. Therefore, our advice in this is to start small and to expand step-by-step. GGZ Friesland for example, started off with Workspace 365 for documents. This resulted in people being able to find documents easier, without leaving a trace of said documents on devices. A lot of health care institutions still use remote applications via Citrix. A proper next step is to provide these applications within Workspace 365. This allows you to combine all portals allowing people to reach all their applications, with just one login, from one central working place on any device, without having to install anything.” According to Wim Behage, Manager of Accent.

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