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Customer: Kanker.nl

Non-Profit – Foundation


Reseller: Accent

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check  Fast and safe access to documents, information and applications on any device

check  A flexible and personal workspace for every employee

check  A simple and uncomplicated workspace to increase productivity

“Thanks to Workspace 365 we can work safely and efficiently with our online workspace. We open all of our documents and applications easily from any device. – Harrie Heerkens, Product Owner, Kanker.nl


About Workspace 365

Workspace 365 is the platform to simplify your work: everything you need to do your job, integrated into one workspace.

Complete control over your documents, e-mail and every other business process through one central starting point in your browser, from any device.

By logging in to the workspace you can reach both web and Windows applications with just one click. With uncomplicated Business Apps like Project Management, Activities or Time Registration, you simplify any process.

Experience a demo or read more on: www.workspace365.net

Employees easily open applications and safely manage documents from any device 

Kanker.nl is an initiative by KWF Kankerbestrijding (KWF Cancer Relief) , the patient organisation Levenmetkanker (Living with Cancer) and Integraal Kankercentrum Nederland (IKNL) (Integral Cancer Center Netherlands). These three large organisations which focus on cancer joined forces for innovation: to bring together reliable information and knowledge (from experience).  

Kanker.nl on the search for an online workspace 

Harrie Heerkens, Product Owner Kanker.nl: “Initially we were based in the building of KWF Kankerbestrijding. The more we grew, we became more independent and the need for our own environment grew. For this, we started looking for a full-service IT supplier with know-how about online workspaces.”

A user-friendly online workspace

Wim Behage, director at full-service IT supplier Accent: “To realize an online IT environment for Kanker.nl, we’ve combined Office 365 and Workspace 365 to design MijnDesktop.Online; an online workspace that combines the powerful technique of Office 365 with a user-friendly environment. With this, documents will be structured and shared even more easily. Naturally the personal information is stored safely. Because of the simplification of SharePoint and access to applications, employees of Kanker.nl can focus completely on supporting the people who get in touch with them.”

Kanker.nl on the online workspace

Harrie Heerkens: “Thanks to Workspace 365 we can work very efficiently and safely. When we login, we directly get insight into our recent documents, e-mail, news and more. Also we can open all our documents and applications easily from any device. Because of this we can direct all of our attention towards our core activities. And that, naturally, is most important to us!”

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