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Customer: Oktober

Healthcare provider


Reseller: Simac

IT service provider




check  Drastic cost reduction because of total transition from Citrix to HTML5 browser based workspace

check  A safe and personal workspace for every employee

check  Reliable and uniform workspace to increase productivity

 “We have completely transitioned from Citrix to an online workspace with SaaS solutions. This brings a drastic reduction in costs for licences, maintenance and management. Now everyone can work from any device, this was not possible before.” – Maik Berkelmans, IT Architect, Oktober

About Workspace 365

Workspace 365 is the platform to simplify your work: everything you need to do your job, integrated into one workspace.

Complete control over your documents, e-mail and every other business process through one central starting point in your browser, from any device.

By logging in to the workspace you can open both your web and Windows applications with just one click. With uncomplicated Business Apps like Project Management, Activities or Time Registration, you simplify any process.

Experience a demo or read more on: www.workspace365.net

Mobile healthcare professionals get safe and role-based access to their applications and documents with Workspace 365

Oktober (formerly RSZK) is a healthcare organisation which is committed to offer customized care to the vulnerable elderly. Since healthcare professionals often work on location, such as home visits, at the care farm or hospice, they were looking for a mobile workspace for 1,200+ employees. 

Oktober on the new workspace

“We were working via Citrix on our own infrastructure, partly because of the high costs and because of other needs, change was necessary. Therefore we spoke with our IT service provider Simac about a dashboard that was workspace independent. We wanted to transition to a browser based workspace with which employees could safely use SaaS solutions. Subsequently they helped us to completely transition to the online workspace Workspace 365 within four months’ time”, says Jaap Veerhoek, Business Operations Manager at Oktober.

IT service provider Simac introduced Workspace 365 and the new Oktober dashboard was born, in which Microsoft Office 365 and all applications, like mijnCaress, AFAS and Ortec are available after logging in once within just one click, on any device. The new dashboard shows applications based on user roles, so that employees only see the applications they need. Over 80% of the employees works online completely, while the other 20% also uses local Office applications, which are also integrated. 

Security of online workspaces 

“Data security is very important. By establishing risk profiles, we prevent employees from, for example, opening client files in ways that are not sufficiently safe. Therefore our employees always start by logging in to Workspace 365 through Multi-Factor Authentication. From there users can launch all their applications, without having to constantly enter their username and password again (Single Sign-On)”, says Maik Berkelmans, IT Architect at Oktober.

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