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Customer: Stichting Triade

Education, Netherlands

Reseller: TCC The Computer Company

IT service provider, Maastricht



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“With the online application, users can login to their workspace and use the applications with the underlying software support anywhere. – Paul Verjans, Principal multiple schools


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Elementary schools of Stichting Triade are ahead of the curve with virtual workspaces

Stichting Triade is ahead of the curve in education when it comes to the deployment of IT, thanks to virtual workspaces. Teachers can work anywhere on school projects through the virtual workspace Workspace 365.

The implementation is realized at all Stichting Triade elementary schools (such as Elementary School de Kluis and Elementary School Sterrenrijk). Stichting Triade operates eight catholic elementary schools in total in the municipality of Sittard-Geelen. Their mission, “because every child counts”, shows that Stichting Triade wants to offer quality education to every child in an environment where children feel comfortable and safe. Requiring knowledge and skills and interacting with each other in a pleasant way are the cornerstones of this institute. With over 2,000 students and approximately 175 employees, Stichting Triade is a medium-sized Educational Foundation in Zuid-Limburg.

​Virtual workspaces
“All applications worked locally and the system was due for renewal and to work in a future-oriented way. Stichting Triade has chosen new online applications which are available from one portal. With the online applications, users can login to their workspace and use the applications with the underlying software support everywhere. The software, which we offer entirely online, is for example the well-known Office applications, but also education specific software like Basispoort and the knowledge portal Parnassys (which is also called a student administration and test administration system)”, says Paul Verjans (Pricipal of multiple schools and contact person of the IT project).

“There have been major efforts in a short time period and the collaboration was very pleasant. Particularly the short communication lines, expertise and working fast and dynamically stood out. After delivering the system, the service and aftersales went tremendously well. It was an informative process for all users and the organisation. It’s a system that is constantly changing an developing. The process continues and we suspect that it will take some time before it’s optimally implemented within the organisation. The users will get to know the system better and through further developments new opportunities will arise. In the future, we also want the students to start using the online workspace environment. I ultimately want us to be able to work flexibly and independently from devices with the students and teachers”,  Paul Verjans says.

Project management the key to succes
“We only had six weeks of summer break to complete this assignment. The project consisted of a reinstallation and the right online software integrations, among other things. Thanks to solid project management, the project ran accurately and according to plan. The project team and steering group of Stichting Triade consisted of the gentlemen Andy Cobben (chairman Executive Board), Paul Verjans and Ms Hentien Belt (IT coordinator).

From TCC The Computer Company, a team of engineers completed the assignment in collaboration with me. I am proud that we were able to achieve this and contribute to “virtualizing” education, so that students can evolve optimally and teachers can work more flexibly”, says Xavier Semmeling (Sales Manager TCC The Computer Company). For more information, contact TCC The Computer Company. First publication acquired from: TCC The Computer Company.

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