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 One cloud solution for every device

 Automated maintenance on the platform e.g. software or security updates

”Thanks to yellow arrow’s customised solution, our way of working could remain the same at a fraction of the cost.”

Bram IDiNG, Directeur van IDiNG

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Workspace 365 is a platform to simplify the way you work: it has everything you need to get your job done, integrated into one workspace.
Complete control on your documents, email and any other company process via one central starting point in your browser, from any device.
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“Everything accessible from one place in the cloud, at all times.”  

Administration and accounting office, IDiNG from Breukelen, has everything on track. However, it might be good for them to examine the IT landscape again. Not all applications are linked to each other and communicate correctly. “It was time to adapt to the present,” says Bram Iding, Director of IDiNG. “Our employees want to be able to use one comprehensive system safely, always and everywhere and with any device.” So, it’s time for yellow arrow! 

One cloud solution: Workspace 365 

“Even though such a solution was not often used in accountancy, yellow arrow immediately knew that a combination of Workspace 365 and Microsoft 365 offered the best package of tools for IDiNG. A server is no longer needed for IDiNG. Bram: “We work with both MacOS and Windows environments. It was therefore important that everyone could continue to use their own device, but still be able to work together. Thanks to the cloud structure of Microsoft 365, this works seamlessly, and flexibility is guaranteed.”  

Optimal ease of use without loss of safety 

Security is always important of course, but when it comes to the financial data of customers, everything should be heavily secured. “We were afraid that the security measures we need, would have an impact on the workability of the system,” says Bram, “but it is running in a streamlined way. Everything has changed for the better: in an internet cafe on the other side of the world on a private phone, you now have the same high level of security and the same user experience as in the office.”  

Convert and integrate known structures 

An unforeseen circumstance occurred during the implementation of the new cloud solutions. Bram says: “In accounting, it’s common to use a certain structure. With the IDiNG documentation system, it’s possible to view the complete file of a customer at once. We wanted and had to maintain this system, but it wasn’t customarily available in SharePoint Online from Microsoft 365. Yellow arrow has created a piece of customisation within SharePoint for this. This allowed our working method to remain the same, at a fraction of the costs. If the digital workspace cannot fulfil all your wishes, yellow arrow will adjust it until it does. That’s professionalism and customisation!” 

No worries 

After the Workspace 365 environment was implemented, regular maintenance of the platform was no longer required. Therefore, yellow arrow no longer needs to be on location. Bram: Of course yellow arrow is always there for us if something is wrong, but in fact, everything is automated, e.g. software or security updates. This way, we always work carefree, but we know where to go if something goes wrong.” 

Supervision of the adoption process 

“Something new can be tricky in the beginning,” Bram explains. “Due to the way yellow arrow has guided us, the transition went very smoothly. That really made the difference. Because they radiated that they knew what they’re talking about, there was a lot of mutual trust. We are self-learning, but we have benefited a lot from the yellow arrow course. The implementation process from one environment to another was quite intensive. Yellow arrow has shown their added value here. Efficient, with little loss of time and money, and always based on a well-designed plan, without deviating from it.” 


“We are just very happy with it”, says Bram. “All the work has been carried out with great accuracy and yellow arrow is a pleasant team to work with. They know what they’re talking about and are very approachable. By actively guiding us during the implementation in a relaxed manner, we are also sure that we are using all the new resources properly and getting the most out of the Microsoft 365 portal in combination with Workspace 365. We have come to this great solution based on our wishes and expertise.” 


Applications used: Microsoft 365; Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite; Workspace 365; AvePoint Cloud Backup. 


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