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The rollout of the digital workspace for education - stichting Cedergroep

The rollout of the digital workspace for Cedergroep

During the summer of 2021, Cedergroep switched from their old IT environment to Workspace 365, their new digital workspace. We spoke with Jorrit Groenevelt, Team Leader IT & Finance, about their experience with choosing a digital workspace for education and the...
Allerdale simplifies processes

How Allerdale simplifies processes with the digital workspace

Allerdale Borough Council is a district council with 300 employees in West Cumbria, United Kingdom. The location has presented Allerdale with unique IT challenges due to multiple 'storms'. Workspace 365 has helped them to solve these challenges. We spoke with Keith...
A true digital workspace for Larkmead

How Larkmead School transitioned to a true digital workspace solution

Over the Easter break of 2021, Larkmead School transitioned from their old IT system to a modern digital workspace with Workspace 365. We spoke to Peter Beasley, Senior ICT & Network Manager, about their experiences during the rollout and implementation, and with...
faber halbertsma group

Modern digital workspace for Faber Halbertsma Group

Faber Halbertsma Group is an internationally oriented organisation for the provision of sustainable pooling services and products. With more than five hundred employees, they focus on circularity, providing complete peace of mind to customers and reusing resources. In...
how we support partners

How do we boost our partner network?

Our mission is to conquer complexity for the ones who are vital to our society. But we don’t do this alone! Together with our partners we maximize the impact of people who make a difference by contributing to a happier work-life. But why do we work together with...
yellow arrow

Yellow arrow about their partnership with Workspace 365

Since 2018, yellow arrow has been a partner of Workspace 365. In a short time, they have grown to the highest partner level by demonstrating their vision and skills around the digital workspace. In this article, we share how the partnership with Yellow Arrow came...
Hoens en Souren referentiecase Workspace 365

Customer story: Hoens & Souren lawyers to the cloud

Hoens & Souren lawyers could use a breath of fresh air in their IT-landscape. After all, should you be satisfied with an IT-environment that on one hand offers functionalities that you don't use and on the other hand leaves no room for the further development and...
yellow arrow referentiecase

Customer story: yellow arrow moves Kattenberg to the cloud

Kattenberg Verhuizingen has their business in order. From the middle of the country they serve their clients locally, regionally, (inter)nationally and intercontinentally with all their relocation matters. However, the work can run so smoothly, but the IT...
SLTN biedt Cardia Workspace 365

Customer story: SLTN provides the modern workspace for Cardia Foundation with Workspace 365

Cardia, an elderly care organisation in Haaglanden, concludes a multi-year outsourcing agreement with SLTN in the field of digital services. SLTN provides Cardia employees with the Ideal Workspace with Workspace 365, so they can easily and securely access all the...
Vivium Zorggroep & SLTN partner Workspace 365

Customer story: SLTN supports Vivium Zorggroep with Workspace 365

With the SLTN solution "Your Ideal Workspace", based on Workspace 365, employees of the Vivium Zorggroep have been working from a single digital workspace since 2019 that gives access to applications and information. Both intra- and extramural users are...
Claranet Workspace 365 partner

IT service provider

“When you look at competitors like Citrix and Microsoft themselves, they all provide excellent solutions, but what sets Workspace 365 apart is the value for money of their excellent solution.” 

Henk Liebeek, Product Manager 

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Waardeburgh logo


“The resistance to something new is always there. As long as you bring something that ultimately offers added value, they’ll (i.e. staff) make the transition to a new system in no time and you won’t get any more kick-back.”

Domieke Vermeulen, Project Manager &
ICT Manager

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Faber Halbertsma Group

Logistics & Supply Chain

“Since the launch of the new workspace, employees can easily find information and we receive hardly any questions about where they can find certain documents or policies.”

Joeri van Etten,
Marketing & Communication Advisor

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Allerdale borough council logo


“It didn’t take long for me to get the kind of feedback I’d never had before. Normally when we introduce something we get a lot of kickback, what I got here was: why haven’t we had this for years?”

Keith Hollins, Innovation and Transformation Manager

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Ikomm Workspace 365 partner

IT service provider

“From the demo to our proof-of-concept trial – seeing was believing. The value is self-evident and MSPs will definitely see the benefit.” 

Preben Abel, Strategic Partner Manager 

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Onze Huisartsen Workspace 365


We exclusively use cloud applications from the public cloud, and we wanted people to always be able to login with Single Sign-On.” 

Erik Wiersma,
IT & operational manager

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Verpleeghuis Bergweide Workspace 365


I open the screen, I have a connection and I can work.” 

Jo Hendrickx,
Facility manager & financial controller

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Larkmead school


“I think we can comfortably say it’s been a success, considering we are using it every single day.”

Peter Beasley,
Senior ICT & Network manager

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We have completely transitioned from Citrix to an online workspace with SaaS solutions. This brings a drastic reduction in costs for licences, maintenance and management. Now everyone can work from any device, this was not possible before.” 

Maik Berkelmans,
IT architect

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Sint Maartenskliniek Workspace 365


“Flexibility and the user experience of the online workspace are very important to us. All 1700 employees will use the online workspace solution. 

Casper Hesp,
Manager ICT

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“Thanks to yellow arrow’s customised solution, our way of working could remain the same at a fraction of the cost.”
Bram Iding,

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IT service provider

Workspace 365 offers a workspace for the user, in which they can easily access the application they need, regardless of where it’s located.” 

Sanne Dolphijn,
Cloud sales manager

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IT service provider

“With Workspace 365 we combine the old (Hosted desktop & file servers) and the new (SaaS & Cloud) IT world in one workspace.”
Rody van Egmond,

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PSW Workspace 365


“In addition to the work being simplified, digitisation really does contribute to optimal care for the client”

ICT Manager at PSW 

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