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The digital workspace for mobile devices

Get your digital workspace now as a native mobile application! Use your personalised workspace everywhere you go, wherever you are.


This is how process management helps you achieve your strategic goals

What exactly is process management? What does it all entail? And how does a digital workspace boost your business process management?

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Update: Add knowledge items, better image preview and more!

Find out how you can now use the Knowledge items in the Hub and what other user experience improvements are made in the workspace!


Version control of documents: how does it work and what can you do with it?

Version control is a tool for efficient and effective collaboration. We explain how version control works.

productiviteit bij thuiswerken

6 conditions for productivity when working from home

In this blog you'll discover the 6 conditions that will boost your productivity when working from home. Check it out!

What is digital working

What is digital working?

In this article we'll discuss what digital working really is and how you can embed the digital way of working in your business operations!

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the value of a digital workspace for HR

Whitepaper: The value of a digital workspace for HR

A digital workspace for HR can support employees with flexible and mobile working, digital onboarding, communication and more!

Information management

What is information management, and what does an information manager do?

Information management is indispensable for deploying IT effectively in an organisation. But what is it exactly? Check it out in this blog!

Update 345 Improve social interaction

Update: Improve social interaction in the digital workspace

We’re bringing this and a variety of other new awesome features and improvements to your workspace with update 3.45.

VMware Horizon Integration

VMware Horizon Workspace 365

Discover the VMware Horizon integration within Workspace 365. Easily open your VMware Horizon desktops and application from one workspace!

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What is the role of facility management in the digital workspace?

Whether IT is provided in-house or externally: a digital workspace, helps facility management to work smarter and faster. Discover more!