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Update 343

Update: Save time with the improved responsive, mobile design

We’re bringing this and a variety of other new awesome features and improvements to your workspace with update 3.43.


What is the extranet?

An extranet makes it possible to communicate and collaborate with people from outside the organisation. Read more.

How does Single Sign-On work?

Single Sign-On is a software solution that means employees can securely log in to multiple applications. Discover how it works.

activity feed

Perform tasks and receive notifications straight from the Activity Feed

Do you constantly need to search for the right application to perform tasks? The Activity Feed will make your work life a lot easier. Read more.

Update 342 workflix

Update: Integrating VMware Horizon and Liquit end-to-end management

We’re bringing this and a variety of other new awesome features and improvements to your workspace with update 3.42.

Business process management

What is Business Process Management?

With Business Process Management you work more efficiently by standardising and optimising the processes in your organisation. Discover more.


Partner introduction Micral

Our new partner Micral makes complex IT solutions accessible, save and responsive for organisations. Discover more in this blog!

Workflow management

How to improve workflow management to drive productivity and support employee experience

Workflow management is an approach that can drive efficiency, increase productivity and support employee wellbeing. Discover why.

Trends for CIOs 2022

Trends for CIOs for 2022

In this session Matthew Plummer discusses the most important trends for CIOs in 2022, discover the expectations and potential challenges.

Business continuity

What is a business continuity management system (BCMS)?

Discover how a business continuity management system helps you to return to normal operations in the event of disruptions.

Bett show

Bett show 2022

Thanks for visiting the Bett Show in London. Discover more about the digital workspace for Education and download our research!

Digital workspace for government

Digital workspace for Government – UK edition

With a digital workspace for Government you can offer employees one central hub for all their information, applications, documents, and more.