Get more out of your applications.

Simplify, connect & gather data from any application in one central workspace.


Simplify cloud or legacy applications.

Show users only the fields and buttons they need to complete their job.

Connect with any application.

Sync your connected apps so you can stop importing data manually.

Gather data from all your applications.

Give users a workspace with all their data, available on any device with a browser.


Make any application user-friendly and accessible on any device



There are many powerful applications with over 1.000 buttons and fields. In most cases it isn’t possible to hide the buttons or fields which users don’t need, making them work slower. By creating Business Apps in Workspace 365 you help them by only showing the buttons and fields which they use.


Don’t you hate importing & exporting your data to multiple applications? Your users hate that as well and it slows their tasks down. By connecting applications to Workspace 365 you can sync all the data automatically, this way you only have to enter data once.


Everyday users have to search for information. At this moment their info is stored in separate applications and in files across devices. By gathering all the data in Workspace 365, users get a clear overview on all their information, on any device.

Workspace 365 is the platform to simplify work

Workspace 365 Business Apps in short

  • Reduce costs on training by simplifying applications

  • Save time by connecting applications and automating procceses

  • Empower the use of your current applications to improve data entries

  • Create freedom of movement by making data available on any device

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