Simplify the workspace

Integrate both web- & windows apps in your browser-based workspace

Integrate services based on user profiles

Offer any service within your workspace, your platform

Together we can bring your customers


Major cost savings

Not everyone needs desktop licences. By integrating web apps like Office 365 in the workspace your customers choose which workspace they order, from you, for their users. This allows you to target a new (large) group of users and reduce costs for your customers.

One starting point

By integrating legacy apps in your portal (using RDweb app, Citrix XenApp, Dell vWorkspace or Thinfinity) employees can access everything they need to get their job done, from any device. They can access both their Windows and Web apps from one complete browser-based workspace.

One click access

20 passwords for 20 apps, even Einstein wouldn’t remember all of them. That is why users will be able to open all their web apps by logging in only once using Single Sign-On! Giving them super fast access to all their work and stopping them to wait for password resets.

“Many IT providers offer hosted desktops for over €70,- per user, per month. Imagine how much can be saved if you only need a webbased workspace and Office 365. €40,-p.u.p.m.?”

Let’s explore how we can simplify the workspace of your customers together

Workspace 365 in short for MSPs

  • Cost reduction by supporting both cloud and hosted apps

  • A new target group and happy customers

  • Single Sign-On to over 3.100 applications

  • A portal for all your services as a bridge from legacy to the cloud

Try Workspace 365

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“The first workspaces were delivered rapidly, this allowed our customer’s employees to get started with safely sharing sensitive information.” – Hans-Friedrich Meerholz, CTO, Avensus

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