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An adaptive workspace with a single view for all your apps, info and more

For many organisations the first step to a digital workspace is simplifying access to applications. The next step, is creating a single view for each individual. We allow you to do so with the adaptive Workspace 365.

Embed and create your own live tiles

Workspace 365 allows you to embed web-content via iFrames. This allows you to bring video’s, Google services, statistics, and anything you create within a single view.

  • Role-based groups
  • Conditional access
  • Web- & Windows applications
  • Works on any device


Embed app groups in your current portal

If you already invested in a portal, or if you want to have the applications available in multiple places it is possible to integrate them in any portal, application or intranet.

By doing this, you bring the technologies of Workspace 365 to any place. Workspace 365 will adapt to your portal and allows you to change the styling and brings the conditions and permissions based on each individual, their device, location, browser and more.


    Integrate everything

    You already invested in an intranet? Statistic dashboard? Or another portal? No problem, we allow you to integrate parts within Workspace 365.

    Next to this, we are working on multiple tabs allowing you to integrate entire dashboards, intranets and more within one single view.

    Your services, in your workspace, hosted where you want

    Easily set up workspaces for customers within minutes. You can choose where you wish to host the fully adaptive workspace.

    Discover the adaptive Workspace 365

    • Bring together web & legacy applications
    • Simplify access to any application
    • Integrate the old file server with Office 365 in one simple document app
    • Only one login with Single Sign-On

    Find out more about the hybrid Workspace 365 and try it yourself for free.

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