Intranet and the digital workspace

Why go to one place to work, and another to get information about your work and communicate with the people you work with? Provide one central place for employees!

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Intranet and digital workplaces play a big role in simplifying access to the right tools, websites and materials in a convenient, aggregated view that helps employees. By combining them, you provide employees with the ideal place to start their workday. Access apps, documents, conversations, emails, information and news updates without information overload.

Combining the intranet and digital workspaces

Combine your intranet with your digital workplace to create a “one-stop shop” that employees want. With the ability to provide access to apps, documents, emails, information and news updates, this is the ideal place to start the workday.

Integrating your intranet and digital workplace brings many benefits:

Improve the adoption of the intranet

More impactful communication

Save time and boost productivity

Combine all social feeds with components from the digital workspace, like Microsoft 365 files, forms, apps and other tools

micro apps and activity

Simplify processes

By bringing together everything in one space, you prevent employees from constantly switching between applications.

By using the global search function, you can easily find this information within the workplace and your intranet. Files, folders, applications and even people. This way, you reduce the time spent searching for the right information. And you work towards a happier working life for the users.

By integrating important elements and communities (Spaces) into your workspace, you won’t have to choose between an intranet or digital workspace. The most used ellements are:

Onderdelen en spaces workspace365
documents en intranet

Reduce costs & improve management

Door een geïntegreerd intranet en digitale werkplek bespaar je op licentie kosten: je betaalt voor slechts één stuk software in plaats van twee. Én vergeet daarbij niet de tijdbesparing! Je hoef maar één product te onderhouden, waardoor het beheer, updates en personeelstraining versimpeld. 

“Workspace 365 offers a workspace for the user, in which they can easily access the application they need, regardless of where it’s located.” 

Sanne Dolphijn, Cloud sales manager

“The new environment is very user-friendly. It’s actually self-explanatory. The transition from the old to the new system went very smooth!

Pascal Noordover, Director of Staff Servives at Evita

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Elevate your intranet NL Workspace 365

Whitepaper: Elevate your intranet – Unite Communication & IT

Discover the role of the intranet in times of digital workspaces. Learn how IT & communication managers elevate their intranet and build roadmaps to digital workspaces.

We found it is time to reflect on the current trends. Discover the role of the intranet within this whitepaper. What you’ll get:


Roadmap to unite the intranet and digital workspace


Understanding of digital workspace costs


Cheat sheets of jargon and buzz words for IT & Communication managers

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