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Do you or your colleagues feel the urge to smash a screen?



First aid for software frustrations

If you ever felt the urge to smash your screen, set your laptop on fire and give a big middle finger to all technology while letting out some tears of despair, just know that you don’t have to.

You could call us instead – we got you.

Software frustration helpdesk

Soo… Why would you call us?

We’re here to wave your troubles goodbye. Do you or your colleagues experience these causes of mental IT meltdowns? 

  • 25% of people forget a password at least once a day 1
  • People lose an hour per day switching between applications 2
  • People waste 12 hours each month fixing IT mishaps 3 and are frustrated that they have no one to turn to 4
  • 62% of people delay completing tasks that require logging into multiple systems 5

We simplified work for more than
225,000 people with Workspace 365

‘If you think about calling,

just do it’.

Don’t worry, just call Sarah:
+31 854010445

2. Draper, M. (2019). How Much Time is Your Company Losing Switching Between Applications? Mavenlink. 

3. How to Avoid and Better Manage Computer Stress and Frustration. (2020). Verywell Mind. 

4. 5 most common IT frustrations. (2015). NHBR.  

5. Sapho. (2018). Study: Employees Don’t Use Enterprise Applications; Crave Personalized Experiences. PRNewswire.  

We know what you’re thinking about…

Why waste time calling? Well first of you can yell at us about your software all you want. We can take it. But also, and probably more importantly, because we’re going to do everything we can to help you, so you won’t have to call us screaming again and get back to what you were doing (or trying to do).

When can I call you?

For all you’re venting and (moral) support needs, you can call us Monday through Friday, from 8.30 to 17:00 (+1 GMT). On weekends you can only call us for fun stuff.

Can you help me with all my software issues?

Not to toot our own horn, but we know quite a lot about software. Let’s say that we’ll at least try our very stinking best, though there is a very slight chance we’ll end up screaming and crying with you. But at least we’ll be together.

Will your help cost me anything?

Well, hopefully your frustrations, but you won’t miss them anyway. Other than that it’s completely free. Just the costs your telephony provider chrarges you for calling us.

Why the Software Frustration Helpdesk?

Honestly? Because we know how it feels. Haven’t we all bee there at some point? Being late for a meeting because you can’t login to Teams. Spending more time on searching for files than working on them. Endlessly waiting for a video to load. It’s not fun. But we can help, so we will. So you can eliminate your frustrations and get back to the real work.

Who is Workspace 365?

Great question! We are the developers of an adaptive digital workspace. Our goal is to conquer complexity for people who should focus on their work. We do this by eliminating the number of signins, switches and applications people need. Learn more on: