Register Deals, Educational, Non-Profit, Proof of Concept and Not for Resale licenses

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Which tenants get special pricing?

When you have created a Workspace for a Proof of Concept (see details below), internal use or for a customer that is permitted to use the Educational/ Non-Profit licenses (for Dutch non-profit organisations an ANBI status is required), we kindly ask you to register this before the 25th of the month.

After that date, this specific tenant will be invoiced based on the regular license fee for the previous month. The adjusted pricing will then apply for the following month. We will not retroactively credit unregistered tenants.

What is deal registration?

Notify us about deals which are offered or will go live with Workspace 365. By registering deals you make sure that we are aware that a customer is in contact with you and we know on what date the pricing is offered.

When will a Proof of Concept be invoiced?

When a Proof of Concept is registered via this site it will be free of charge for two months from the moment you request it. If the environment contains users after these two months it will be billed like a regular environment. You may only use a Proof of Concept as part of the sales cycle. 

When the Proof of Concept is also used as an Educational or Non-profit environment, please make sure to register it as a live Educational or Non-Profit environment as well.

What is Not for Resale (NFR) / internal usage?
Internal usage is for inside the company of our Workspace 365 partners. You can have only one internal tenant.