In the past few years, the modern intranet has changed drastically – from static to dynamic, and from a platform for sending information top-down to a collaboration hub. Now, the market is changing even more and the line between the digital workspace and the intranet is fading. Discover four articles that explore the role of the intranet in the modern technology landscape and how to get more out of your intranet investments and efforts.

elevate your intranet

Social Intranet versus Digital Workspace: Why choose?

Why would you go one place to work, and another to get information about work and communicate with the people you work with? Doesn’t really make sense, does it? In this article, we explain the difference between a social intranet and the digital workspace and why you shouldn’t choose between the two, to enable your employees to work as productively and efficiently as possible.

In addition, we also discuss how you can use social intranet elements in your digital workspace based on the needs of your organisation. With Workspace 365 you can use Shared Spaces, integrate your entire existing intranet or intranet elements in the digital workspace.

Why integrate the intranet into your digital workspace?

A digital workspace and the intranet have many things in common. In both platforms you can work together in documents and stimulate collaboration between employees. By selecting a digital workspace that supports the intranet, you can enable employees to focus on their important work and primary tasks.

The three big advantages of intranet in your digital workspace are:

  1. You have all your task- and business-oriented information in one platformenabling you to no longer switch between different platforms.
  2. You increase the employee engagement; announcements and information are immediately visible for people when they open their digital workspace.
  3. You reduce costs and have more (automatic) updates. When you choose a digital workspace that supports the intranet, you have various feature updates and you don’t have to invest time into them yourself. This way, you make use of the most recent and newest applications. 

In our article ‘Why integrate the intranet into your digital workspace’ we also discuss how you can select a digital workspace that supports the intranet and what you need to take into consideration when you choose a digital workspace.

7 benefits of integrating the intranet with your digital workspace

So in the previously mentioned articles we explain why it makes sense to combine the digital workspace with the intranet and why you should, but if you still need to be convinced of what’s in it for you, you should read this article.

In it, we discuss how the way you design your digital landscape can positively impact your organisation, including your Digital Employee Experience.

We discuss seven different benefits of integrating the intranet in your digital workspace for different areas of the company; from IT to HR and from operational to executive level.

Intranet as a Service: Continuous innovation

More and more organisations are moving to an Intranet as a Service. With Intranet as a Service, you can use intranet software or infrastructure provided by an external supplier, for which you pay a subscription fee each month.

But why are they moving from static intranets to the as-a-service model, and what do you have to take into account when choosing an intranet provider?

In this article we’ll explain five benefits of Intranet as a Service for your organisation and how you can discover if an intranet keeps evolving to enable your employees to collaborate, share information and communicate in the best way possible.

The adaptive workspace

Within Workspace 365 you can integrate your entire existing intranet, or you can integrate intranet elements. This way, you can unite all your information, communication, applications and intranet in one adaptive workspace.

The adaptive workspace can function like an intranet and has many elements you can use, such as Announcements, Yammer, the Activity Feed, Contacts, Birthdays live tile, Microsoft Teams and much more!

Do you want to know if Workspace 365 suits your organisation? Try a free demo and discover all the intranet possibilities in Workspace 365!

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Whitepaper: Elevate your intranet – Unite Communication & IT

Discover the role of the intranet in times of digital workspaces. Learn how IT & communication managers elevate their intranet and build roadmaps to digital workspaces.

We found it is time to reflect on the current trends. Discover the role of the intranet within this whitepaper. What you’ll get:

  • Roadmap to unite the intranet and digital workspace
  • Understanding of digital workspace costs
  • Cheat sheets of jargon and buzz words for IT & Communication managers

Elevate your intranet

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