Technical Success services

We understand that the technical aspect of the digital workspace can sometimes be very difficult. That’s why partners can request our Technical Consultancy services, which will bring you in contact with one of our technical project leaders. Who can help you with setting up Active Directory and much more! Discover what our Technical Consultancy services is on this page.

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Technical Success services

Technical support services


Support training Starting at € 599,-
Workspace 365 admin training Starting at € 599,-
Custom URL € 350,-
Consultancy (4 hours)* € 599,-
Emergency restore € 299,-

* Azure, Office 365, technical or functional support, advice, implementation or training.

Technical Success onboarding

Our Technical Onboarding will guide you trough the technical aspect of the digital workspace and includes a technical implementation for your customer.

Technical onboarding

Introduction about the architecture of Workspace 365

Support you with the first users

Technical implementation

AAD Sync Tool

Clientless RDP



Become a Workspace 365 certified Technical Advisor!

With this Technical Learning Track in our Partner Portal, we want to support your technical employees in implementing and setting up new Workspace 365 environments for your customers.

Workspace 365 certified Technical Advisor

Fase 1: Getting started

What we’ll cover:

Technical onboarding of the workspace

Connecting users and admins to the digital workspace

What we’ll guide you on:

Short introduction about the architecture and integrations

Short introducation of the workspace:

  • How to request new applications
  • How to set up new spaces
  • How to add new users

Fase 2: Technical aspect

What we’ll guide you on:

Integration possibilities

What we’ll cover:

Technical implementation

  • AAD Sync Tool implementation
  • Clientless RDP

Inventory of general layout of the workspace