Your company is growing and adapting, same as our adaptive workspace. That is why this year we have launched many (16!) updates. With this, the workspace makes sure that people’s work is simplified so they can spend more time on their main tasks. By launching many updates, we also get the maximum value out of companies’ IT investments and we stimulate partners to offer additional services. In this article, you read the five most-read updates of the past year.

1. Update 2.64: Google search, embed shared tile groups and TOPdesk live tile

This most-read update brought important new features, such as the Google search bar and the TOPdesk live tile, in which people view the current status of their support tickets. Both features make sure that people have to switch less between different tabs and applications, which saves time and offers more convenience and overview. This update also brought the possibility to integrate tile groups into other platforms, so that you can reach your most important applications from other platforms with the ease that you’re used to of Workspace 365. Furthermore, we improved editing the workspace, the web content and Bookmark tabs and we introduced larger tile sizes for email.

Update 264 English Workspace 365


2. Update 2.55: International workspace and sharing from the live tile

This year, many international partners started with Workspace 365. For this reason, we added three languages to the workspace (and we will soon add a fourth), including Danish, which you can read about in this update. In addition, it brought an important improvement for working with documents from the dashboard. This update made it possible to share and download documents straight from the Documents tile.

Workspace 365 update 2.55

3. Update 2.59: Create your own live tiles with iFrame

Decide what you want to see in your workspace yourself? Endless integration possibilities? That sounded good to many users – and was, of course, great for us to announce. In update 2.59 we introduced the possibility to integrate iFrames, what made the workspace extra customisable and opened a world of options. We also took the next step in the internationalisation with the Norwegian version of Workspace 365.

Additionally, we made it possible to switch between applications in Clientless RDP, set up multiple password sets for integrations, select your preferences for opening Office applications and to open elements of the workspace in new screens. In short: one packed update!

Update 259 web content tile google Workspace 365

4. Update 2.60: Conditional Access and e-mail tabs

We recently made many improvements of this feature, but it all started with update 2.60: Conditional Access. With this, we offer more control over access to applications. Where in the beginning Conditional Access could only be set on access with certain devices, browsers and IP addresses, since then we’ve drastically increased the amount of options, so you have even more control.

Conditional access Workspace 365

5. Update 2.63: To-Do tile, download attachments and more actions from your dashboard

Easily view and keep up with your tasks with Microsoft To-Do and easily find your favourite files and folders from your dashboard with the Bookmarks tab were just two of many great new features of this update. Also creating new emails and calendar items became a lot easier, since you can now do this straight from the live tile.

Microsoft To-Do Workspace 365

The most popular features of 2018

With the many updates of last year came many new features, and many of them made great changes to your workspace. In the image below, you can see an overview of the most important features of 2018 that simplified your work.

Roadmap 2018 workspace 365


Georgien Modijefsky

Georgien Modijefsky


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