We want to make your work life easier for you. That’s why we focused on simplifying processes, increasing collaboration and productivity, creating a newly designed mobile workspace experience and much more!

We’ve always listened to your feedback on these updates. Your feedback is very valuable to us, because together we help people achieve more, by contributing to a happier work-life. A work life in which they can focus on their work, and don’t have to worry about IT.

We’re very proud that we’ve had a lot of new features this year spread over 16 updates. Take a look with us at the most popular features of 2021.

1. New mobile lay-out

With a lot of people working remotely the last two years, it’s no surprise that the new mobile-lay out was your favourite feature of 2021.

It’s very important for front line workers and people who work on multiple locations to have a great mobile experience and to be able to easily work on their mobile device. That’s why we’ve created a new mobile lay-out, where you can find the most important menu-items like: the global search bar, your favourites, the address book and the Activity Feed.

This new mobile lay-out makes it easier for people to quickly navigate to the information and applications they need. We’re constantly improving the mobile digital workspace and you will see a lot more of this in 2022. So keep an eye on the mobile App Stores, because you may find our app there later in 2022.

Discover more about the new mobile lay out!


2. Extended address book

Sometimes you need to contact someone from a specific department, but don’t know which person you need to contact. Well, we solved that problem! With our extended address book you can filter people based on your personal and organisational contacts.

With this new lay-out, you can easily find the contact you need, see if they’re available on Microsoft Teams and call or message them with just one click.

When you click on a contact from your address book, you’ll see more information like: their job title, phone number, email address and more. Later, we’ll add some more information about that specific contact. So yes, this feature is already great, but we will extend it in 2022!

Check out the extended address book.

Address book

3. Renewed Announcement Centre

One of the things we’re very proud of and what you liked is our renewed Announcement Centre. Especially for most internal communication departments, this is a huge feature because it’s possible to create groups and target messages to specific people, departments and roles.

When you used to create an announcement, you didn’t get a notification if someone replied or liked your announcement. With the last couple of updates, we’ve made sure that you can now follow specific announcements and will get notified in your Activity Feed when someone replies.

We’re constantly improving our digital workspace and you will see more of the Announcement Centre next year. For now, read more information about this update and discover more about our renewed Announcement Centre.

announcement centre

4. Workspace 365 in Microsoft Teams

We want to enable people to have one single starting point of their workday. It was already possible to add Workspace 365 in Microsoft Teams as a tab, but now we’ve made it possible to add Workspace 365 as an app as well.

This app makes it possible to lower the amount of times that people switch between their applications, as they can see Workspace 365 in the main side bar of Microsoft Teams.

All your notifications, applications, news, documents and chats in one place. Check out this update for more information.

microsoft teams

5. Stack activities and perform actions straight from the Activity Feed

Within our Activity Feed we bring all your activities, news and notifications together. The past year we’ve updated it a lot. But when you receive a lot of notifications, sometimes it’s hard to search through it and find the notification you need.

That’s why we now stack activities in the Activity Feed by category. This way, you have a clear overview of your notifications. When you see a dot in the top right corner, you’ll know that there’s a new notification.

Next to this, you can add external systems to the workspace with the Activity Feed API. Enabling people to perform actions straight from the Activity Feed. For instance, you can approve or deny an expense claim or holiday request.

Check out our new additions to the Activity Feed.

stack activities

6. Healthcare connection to the Schedule Micro App

For our healthcare customers who use Nedap ONS as their software suite for administrative healthcare tasks, we had some good news. Nedap ONS became available as a Micro App within Workspace 365.

This allows healthcare workers to view their client dossiers and their schedule straight from the workspace. View everything in this update!

nedap ons

What’s next in 2022?

As you’ve already read, a lot of these features will get more updates in 2022. But we still need your input. We want to create the best digital workspace possible together and for that, we need your help! Let us know which features you would like to see in 2022 and how we can improve our product to simplify your work. You can do this by submitting a feature request on our Support Portal, or voting on items and Micro Apps.  

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Kelly van der Horst

Kelly van der Horst

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