Since a lot of organisations still need to work remotely with the pandemic, it’s important for an organisation to stay relevant and become a digital business. That’s why a lot of our most popular blogs are about digital transformation, collaboration tools and the change of expectations people have from their MSPs or VARs. Let’s take a look at the eight blogs that you found most interesting this year.

1. 8 characteristics of a true digital business

In order to survive as an organisations in today’s business world, it’s very important to become and stay a digital business. That’s why the past years organisations are aiming to get started with or accelerate their digital transformation, in order to become a true digital business.

In this article we’ll explain what it means to become a digital business and what the eight key characteristics of a digital business are.

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Digital business

2. Microsoft Teams as your digital workspace?

Many companies are using Microsoft Teams, and have happily embraced this platform during the pandemic. Microsoft Teams is a mostly known as a collaboration tool you can use to chat, video call and share files and information. But you can even use it as a true digital workspace.

Amazing right? Discover how you can use Microsoft Teams as your digital workspace and how you can implement Workspace 365 in Microsoft Teams in this article.

Workspace 365 in Microsoft Teams

3. Do we still need a virtual desktop?

We often hear our customers ask if they still need a virtual desktop. Since 80% of our partners offer solutions such as Microsoft WVD, and Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops, we have asked them and our customers why they still use or offer it.

In this article you will discover why some organisations still use a virtual desktop and which platform they use. In the end it’s important for your organisation to look in to your current investments, your future plans and your application landscape to find out if you still need a virtual desktop.

Virtual desktop & microsoft 365 in one workspace

4. The dangers of information overload and how to prevent it

The consequences of information overload are not just annoying; they can sometimes even be harmful. People can get a burn-out, depression, reduced productivity and creativity and more. But what exactly is information overload?

That’s what we explain in this article. You’ll discover the dangers of information overload and we give you tips on how to prevent it. Also, we discuss how a digital workspace can help with preventing an information overload, by showing people only what is of interest to them and not things that are irrelevant and distracting.

Information overload

5. Microsoft Teams vs Yammer: when to use which tool?

Who doesn’t know one of these platforms? Microsoft Teams and Yammer are both tools many organisations use for communication and collaboration. They have some similarities but also very striking differences.

Microsoft Teams can be described as an all-round collaboration platform, whereas Yammer is more a social intranet for quick knowledge exchange and feedback.

In this article we discuss the differences and how both tools can coexist perfectly in one digital workplace. Discover how you can use Microsoft Teams and Yammer in the best way possible for your organisation.

Microsoft Teams Versus Yammer

6. Maximize Microsoft 365 – Event Recap [+ 4-step program]

Our colleague and Head of Marketing, Mark Grasmayer, did a webinar on how an organisation can maximize Microsoft 365. He explained how you can get the most value out of Microsoft 365 without buying unnecessary additional services.

In this article we explain how you can shape Microsoft 365 for your organisation, which steps you need to take, and we discuss some case studies of customers who have used Workspace 365 in different ways in order to get more value out of Microsoft 365.

You can watch the full webinar on-demand here: Maximize Microsoft 365.

Maximize Microsoft 365

7. Boosting Managed Service Providers: The Workspace 365 Story

Our goal is to conquer complexity to simplify work-life. We do this by helping people to achieve more, by contributing to a happier work-life. A work life in which they can focus on the part where they make the real difference: the real job.

But we don’t do this alone. We work together with a partner network which consist of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs). They play a huge role in our goal to conquer complexity for the workforce. How does this work? We’ll explain!

Boost MSPs

8. 8 expectations IT leaders have from their MSP or VAR

Talking about working with Managed Service Providers: something that’s crucial for them is meeting customer needs and expectations. But these expectations have changed over the years.

Customers now expect that they’ve become a long-term partner and atwo-way street of collaboration and knowledge sharing.

This means that the role of MSPs (and VARs) has changed as well. In this article, we discuss eight expectations IT leaders have from their MSP (or VAR) and what this means for them.

Workspace 365 MSP

These were our most popular blogs of 2021. Want to read more? Discover our blog page to find more blogs about digital transformation, moving to the cloud, maximizing Microsoft 365 and more.

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