If you’ve followed our social channels and subscribed to our YouTube channel, you’ve probably seen that we’ve started vlogging, had a lot of updates and hosted a lot of webinars this year.

Stay tuned, because in 2022 you’ll see a lot more videos on our YouTube channel. But first, let’s talk about our nine most popular videos of 2021.

Update: New mobile layout and extended address book

This update video was the most viewed video of 2021. In this update, Merel Saarloos shows you our new amazing mobile workspace layout. Making it easier for you to create documents, have insight into your favourites and easily search through your personal workspace.

Besides our new mobile layout we also introduced you to our redesigned address book. With our new redesigned address book you can easily find the contact you need and call or message them via Microsoft Teams.

Partner event: The Movement

Last March we launched our Partner Portal, which was really amazing. With our Partner Portal, we help our partners to inform existing and new customers with easily accessible information about Workspace 365 and how together we’re conquering complexity to simplify customers’ work lives.

During this event we discussed why we work together with partners and how we help them to be successful. Watch this event with six Workspace 365 speakers.

Maximize Microsoft 365 – Digital Workspace

A lot of organisations work with Microsoft 365 and it’s an amazing product with a lot of benefits. We understand that it’s sometimes difficult to take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer. So, how do you make sure you maximize the value you get out of Microsoft 365?

That’s wat our colleague Mark Grasmayer explained in this webinar. During this webinar you’ll find out how you can bridge the gap between your current IT infrastructure and the future cloud based IT services.

Beyond the pond | UK edition #1

We’ve opened our new office in the United Kingdom, and of course, that had to be vlogged. Our colleague Rachelle Visser had international ambitions and left for Manchester to help set up the first foreign Workspace 365 office in the United Kingdom.

Her journey at Workspace 365 started in Nijkerk, so our new UK colleagues had to see Nijkerk as well. In one week, they got to know the Dutch culture and our company. In this first vlog (more will come soon) Rachelle takes us through this week!

Want to know more about Rachelle’s experience? We’ve interviewed Rachelle about her journey to the United Kingdom.

Digital workspace within Microsoft Teams

What if I told you that you can have one starting point of your day by uniting your digital workspace and Microsoft Teams? This will save you a lot of time switching between applications, and enables you to focus on your work.

In Microsoft Teams you can add Workspace 365 as a tab, but also as an app. By doing this, you see the Workspace 365 icon in the side bar of Microsoft Teams. This way, you can unite these two platforms and access all your applications, information, documentation and news from one central point.

In this video Mark Grasmayer, Head of Marketing at Workspace 365, guides you through Workspace 365 in Microsoft Teams.

Conquer complexity with an adaptive workspace

Workspace 365 is a digital workspace that automatically adapts to your role and environment and unites all your applications, information, intranet and communication.

But what does this mean and what exactly do we offer? In this short video, we’ll explain how Workspace 365 conquers complexity by maximizing the impact of people who make a difference, by simplifying work-life.

Curious how we do this? Learn more about Workspace 365 in this video!

A day in the life of: Product Marketeer

Working at the Workspace 365 is really nice – at least we think so. Our colleagues are ambitious and enthusiastic and we learn a lot from each other. But why is it so nice and what does a day in our office looks like?

Our colleague Merel Saarloos takes you through her day as a Product Marketer. And she chose the best day for this: Friday. Which, of course, we finish off (not during the lockdown) with a nice Friday afternoon drink.

Get a TOUR of the Digital Workspace for Education!

How do you create a digital workspace that perfectly suits students and teachers? The past year educational institutions had to work online more than ever. That’s why it’s important for teachers and students that they have a digital workspace, where they can find all their information, applications and news.

In this video, you discover all the elements of the digital workspace that ensure that students, teachers and staff can work and study in the most efficient and productive way possible.


How do you discover what the biggest IT frustrations are among educational institutions? By asking the students and teachers, of course. That’s why our colleague Matthew jumped on his bike (yes, we did this the Dutch way) in Manchester to discover more about the IT frustrations among teachers and students in the United Kingdom.

These were our most popular videos of 2021. Would you like to see more or do you have ideas for other fun videos? Let us know! As we said in the beginning of this article, there’s a lot more to come, so stay tuned!

Kelly van der Horst

Kelly van der Horst

Content creator

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