Digital workspace for Education – UK edition

Online session with Matthew Plummer (Opportunity Maker in the UK) and Rachelle Visser (Opportunity Spotter) from Workspace 365.

April 2022

We’ve already done research among 79 educational institutions, and now it’s time for an online session with Matthew Plummer (Opportunity Maker in the UK) and Rachelle Visser (Opportunity Spotter) about the ideal digital workspace for Education.

What can you expect during this online session?


A sneak peek of an amazing video with Matthew on a bike in Manchester 🚲


What teachers want in their digital workspace 🎓


The intranet for Education 💬


Two cases: Larkmead school and Landau Forte Charitable Trust 👨🏼‍🎓

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    Matthew Plummer

    About Matthew Plummer

    Matthew has over 10 years of experience in IT, ranging from data centre systems right through to SaaS applications. He joined Workspace 365 recently due to seeing the complexity that has arisen in organisations whilst transforming from the traditional local application way of working to the new world Cloud / SaaS first approach. Conquering complexity to provide a happy work-life to all who use IT is Matthew’s goal.


    About Rachelle Visser

    Rachelle has worked for Workspace 365 for almost two years. She started her journey in our Growth team in Nijkerk, and last year she left for Manchester with international ambitions and a big goal: to set up Workspace 365’s first foreign office in the United Kingdom to conquer complexity in the UK as well.