The digital workspace for mobile devices

Get your digital workspace as a native mobile application. Workspace 365 is now available in the Apple iOS Store and Google Play Store.

Use your personalised workspace everywhere you go, wherever you are. Get notifications on the go. Easily scroll through your schedule, emails and company news on any device!

Workspace admins can easily tailor the workspace based on conditions such as the device, network and role for all users in the workspace.

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Optimise social intranet for mobile phones

Connect people on the go with social intranet features for mobile devices. People can follow company news, react on announcements and interact with each other. The Hub contains important information for your organisation shared with you and you can immediately find and contact your colleagues via Microsoft Teams in your workspace via the Address Book.

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Simplifying your workday

We do everything in our power to simplify the workspace. Accept or deny actions, congratulate colleagues or even review the document a colleague sent you in the Activity Feed.

All notifications will be visible from one place to remain a clear overview of all activities related to your role.

“Making something simple can be really complex. This year we focused on conquering the complexity for our mobile and tablet users. With a lot of research and effort of our product team we managed to do so. This way we contribute to your happy work life, so you can focus on the things you love.” – Wesley de Graaf, Head of Product

Wesley de Graaf

Document App for your mobile devices

Within the digital workspace we give you a Document App that is optimized for mobile phones. You can easily find the right document in all the integrated storage solutions (OneDrive, SharePoint and fileservers) via the Documents App.

You are able to easily share or edit documents with other people in your organisation from any device.

Single Sign-On to applications from your mobile phone

Easily access applications with one sign in using Single Sign-On on your mobile phone. Login to the workspace and you’ll be able to safely access your applications. This will save you heaps of time, since one login is enough to let you get started with your workday.