The ideal digital workspace for Education

Online session with Mark Grasmayer, Head of Marketing at Workspace 365

Online session: 30 June, 16:00 (+1 GMT Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris)

What do teachers, staff and students want in their digital workspace? How can you simplify their digital experience? During this 30-minute online event we’ll discuss the different elements you can use to create the ideal workspace for Education.

We will discuss the following topics:


How you can combine the intranet, your applications and communication in one place to keep user management centralised


Connections to schedules, CMS, SIS and ELEs to enable students and teachers to work as efficiently as possible.


Combining the file server, OneDrive, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams in one document management system


How to offer the digital workspace within Microsoft Teams

Watch the online session

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    Do you want more information about the digital workspace for Education? Download our whitepaper: The Digital Student!

    the digital student whitepapper

    Whitepaper: The Digital Student

    What do students think of the current state of ICT and innovation in education? And how do they see this in the future? In our Whitepaper: The Digital Student, we interview over 1,000 MBO, HBO and WO students and share the results of our research. We look at how ICT in education has kept pace, what challenges they face and how education can make their ICT future-proof, in order to provide optimal support to both students and staff in the meantime.

    About Mark Grasmayer

    Erik Nicolai - CEO Workspace 365
    Mark Grasmayer joined Workspace 365 in 2014 because he likes to connect people. By simplifying access to applications and information, we already help more than 3,000 organizations. There are over 150 managed service providers offering the adaptive workspace to their customers.