After the most popular blogs and most popular updates of 2019, it’s time for the most popular videos of the past year! Curious which videos were viewed the most? Keep on reading (and watching)!

Workspace 365 – Your adaptive workspace

This year, we gave the workspace (and the brand Workspace 365) a completely new look – and with that, of course, a new introduction video. Therefore, we created a new video to get acquainted with Workspace 365.

Integrate your File Server, SharePoint and OneDrive in one Document App

Multiple document solutions in one Document App – it is possible in Workspace 365. But why would you want that? In this video, we explain why you should unite your file server, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business in one simple Document App.

Workspace 365: Story and vision of the adaptive workspace

Get to know Workspace 365 even better! This video tells the story of the founding and purpose of Workspace 365 and explains how the company started 10 years ago.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and Office 365 in Workspace 365 

All your local, remote and web applications in one simple workspace, including Citrix and Office 365. This video explains how you can unite powerful technologies and simplify them in the adaptive workspace.

Webinar: Update 3.0 of Workspace 365

This year, we launched update 3.0, which brought many important changes to Workspace 365. For example, the completely new styling of the workspace, the new packages and the renewed branding. This webinar dives deeper into the changes of update 3.0.

Where can you find the SharePoint RSS feed URL in Office 365? – Workspace 365

Within Workspace 365, you easily bring social intranet components to your workspace. One of the ways to do this is with a SharePoint RSS feed. Creating a new RSS feed is easy, but how do you find the RSS URL in SharePoint? We’ll show you.

Care home Bergweide on Workspace 365 via ITSN

Why does a care home switch to the adaptive workspace? And what effect does that have? In this video, Jo Hendrickx, Facility Manager & Financial Controller of care home Bergweide, and Hans Hendrikx, Director and Co-Owner of our partner ITSN, will tell you more.

Live demo Workspace 365 by Rick van Diermen

What can you expect from a demo with Workspace 365? Opportunity Maker Rick van Diermen tells about the vision of Workspace 365 and shows the different integrations. He also talks about the future of Workspace 365.

Workspace leaders: Emile Stam on modernisation – interview

Why should you, as an organisation, modernise? Product Evangelist Mark Grasmayer visits our partner Open Line and discusses it with Director Cloud Projects, Emile Stam.

Microsoft Teams live tile simplifies collaboration and sharing in Workspace 365 

In update 2,70, we introduced the Microsoft Teams live tile. What you can do with it? You’ll see in this video.

Manage all your task lists with the improved Microsoft To-do tile in Workspace 365

In 2018, we already introduced the Microsoft To-Do tile in update 2.63, but in 2019 we brought this tile to the next level. With all your to-lists united in one tile.

What is Clientless RDP and how does it contribute to the adaptive workspace?

Simplify access to your remote applications and open them with just one click: it’s possible with Clientless RDP by Workspace 365. In this video, we’ll explain what Clientless RDP is, how it works, how you can benefit and how it contributes to the adaptive workspace.

Georgien Modijefsky

Georgien Modijefsky

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