It’s been an eventful year, with some extraordinary updates. Which shows in our top updates of 2019. Of course we’ve done a complete restyling of the workspace, which was – not surprisingly – the most-read update of the year. Want to know what other features and improvements were popular? Keep on reading!

Update 3.0: Rebranding and new packages: Simplify, Adapt and Boost

It doesn’t shock us to see that the single most popular update of the year, was the one bringing the most changes. In update 3.0, we completely transformed. Not just the workspace, but the brand Workspace 365 as well. Both got a fresh new look and we improved the content as well. The packaging of Workspace 365 changed from Portal, Hybrid and Ultimate, to Simplify, Adapt and Boost.

Update 3.5: Introducing Shared Spaces and bringing announcements to your dashboard

Another big update changing the workspace game, was update 3.5: the one that introduced Shared Spaces. With these spaces, you can easily organise your workspace based on teams, departments or purpose. Even though the workspace was already role-based, people were still using a lot of applications and information. To keep the workspace from becoming cluttered, we created the shared spaces to enable people to easily organise everything they need to work. Another big feature of update 3.5 was the Announcements live tile, bringing another piece of social intranet to the adaptive workspace and improving internal communication.

Update 3.4 Workspace 365

Update 3.4: To-dos & How-tos – Manage tasks and improve adoption

The two biggest features of update 3.4 were about productivity and adoption. First of all, we introduced the How-to live tile, allowing people to learn about the workspace, within the workspace itself. The How-to tile automatically shows how-to videos on several aspects of the workspace, based on user’s permissions. Consequently, people only see videos on features they can actually use. We also improved the To-do tile, which we introduced in update 2.63. From this update forward, you could view and edit all your to-do lists in one tile.

Update 3.1: Drag and drop emails, inject custom HTML and automatically retrieve SharePoint sites

This update was useful to users as well as admins. Firstly, we improved the Email App by allowing people to drag and drop emails to folders, making organising emails a lot easier. For admins, we added the possibility to add custom HTML to the workspace, which enables countless integration possibilities with for example chatbots and analytical tools. Retrieving SharePoint sites also got a lot easier, since it can now be done automatically.

Update 3-6 Workspace 365

Update 3.6: Edit announcements and default open locations for documents

We already discussed the new Announcements live tile from update 3.5, but it was update 3.6 that made it possible to edit these announcements after they were published. This way, people can quickly and easily correct any mistakes or add information if they’ve forgotten to do so. This update also made it possible to set a default open location, either local or online, for all documents. This includes SharePoint, OneDrive and file server files. Admins can choose to do this to offer people a consistent experience.

Update 71 announcements mededelingen in Workspace 365

Update 2.71: Announcement Centre and SharePoint Sites live tile

One of the earlier steps we took to bring social intranet features to your adaptive workspace. With the Announcement Centre, authorised people could create and push announcements in the form of a pop-up. It also became possible to bring SharePoint Sites to the workspace, so people can quickly navigate to the Team Site or team documents.

Update 2.70: Microsoft Teams live tile, move between SharePoint sites & Swedish workspace

Another significant update with three major improvements! For one, we took a major step in our international growth by introducing the Swedish language in the workspace, tending to all Swedish people using it. We also brought the powerful collaboration hub, Microsoft Teams, to the workspace, allowing easier collaboration between teams, departments and individuals. This update also introduced the possibility to move files between SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, simplifying the Document App even more.

These were the most popular Workspace 365 updates of 2019! What would you like to see in the updates of 2020? Let us know through a feature request

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