People often ask us about the price of a digital workspace and many companies want to find out what their ROI is. Not only to save costs, but also to stay ahead of the competition. Discover in this blog how you can calculate the price and Return On Investment (ROI) of your digital workspace and which factors have to do with this.

# 1. Make sure that your digital workspace strategy matches your organisational goals

Before you start the process to a digital workspace, it is crucial to determine the goal of your organisation and the role of the digital workspace. How does the digital workspace contribute to the achievement of organisational goals? For example, it may be the goal for schools / educational institutions to work more efficiently and create more clarity by bringing all information and documents together in one portal. According to a study by Harvard Business Review, this contributes to improving productivity, which is also one of the five goals for organisations to switch to a digital workspace.

# 2. Investigate the wishes of your employees

Depending on your organisational culture, the next step is to investigate the wishes of your employees. How do they prefer to have their digital workspace arranged? Through this research, you discover business processes that can be improved, for example the desire for digital meetings so that more people can connect and contribute to faster decision-making. The research period largely depends on the size and the culture of your organisation. A large part of the research is focused on IT architecture and the application landscape.

Make the right technical choices

A digital workspace focuses on bringing all applications, information and communication together to one location. That is why the IT department or a Managed Service Provider has a leading role in researching the right technical choices. This way, a safe workspace can be developed in which the current IT investments that they want to keep, can be integrated. They can also investigate which migrations have to take place, in order to achieve the goals.

# 3. Migration and infrastructure costs and savings

What are the costs of migrating documents and applications and how do you save costs on infrastructure? This is also a factor that largely depends on your current situation.

The fileserver, OneDrive and SharePoint in one Document App

Although not all companies want to migrate all their files from their file server to SharePoint or aren’t ready for it yet, it is important to be aware of the costs. It is therefore important to consult with your IT department or Managed Service Provider to get a clearer estimate of the costs for your organisation. The right choices regarding the migration and infrastructure can contribute to a competitive advantage. If you use Workspace 365, you can integrate the file server, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business in one interface. This makes it possible to keep your archive on your file server, reducing the costs of the migration.

Integrate both SaaS and hosted applications with Workspace 365

To stay ahead of the competition, more and more organisations are implementing a SaaS-first or SaaS-only strategy. This means that they replace traditional software with web-based software. If you use Workspace 365, you can integrate both your SaaS and hosted applications into an adaptive workspace and offer them based on a person’s role, location, device and more.

# 4. Hardware, license and training costs

Which costs you save by distancing yourself from old devices and printers, or make by purchasing new laptops and printers, depends on the goals of your digital workspace. If you as an organisation make the right choices in this area, it can contribute to income growth. In addition, a digital workspace has to do with, among other things, the industry and culture of your organisation and is therefore different for every organisation.

Besides that, not all digital workspaces are easy to use. Although we focus on helping people by simplifying their work with an adaptive workspace, some organisations choose a workspace that requires a lot of training. With Workspace 365, no training is required for the workspace itself, because it is intuitive and user friendly. Besides that, we provide information with every update about the changes to ensure that people know how to use it.

# 5. Calculating the ROI of your digital workspace

We have arrived at the best part, the ROI of your digital workspace. While some companies achieve an ROI in just three months by reducing their infrastructure costs, it depends on where you’ve come from and where you want to go. It is important to keep in mind what the goal is of your organisation and what you want to achieve with a digital workspace.

What’s in the pricing and ROI white paper?

Curious about the ROI of your digital workspace? Besides additional information to calculate the ROI of your digital workspace, you will find a case study about a company that went from a traditional hosted desktop to a hybrid situation. A part of the employees used a hosted desktop in combination with Workspace 365 and the other part said goodbye to the hosted desktop. In this new situation, they reduced the costs for a digital workplace by € 100 per employee per month.

                     Digital workspace strategy and organisational goals 

                     Research and evaluation

                     Different kinds of costs

                     Discover the ROI of your digital workspace

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