The roll out of the digital workspace
for education

Interview with Larkmead school

Watch on-demand – October 2021

In this webinar, we’ll share how you, as an educational organisation, can ensure that the roll out and adoption of the digital workspace runs perfectly. What do you need to consider during this project and who are involved?

During this session, we talked to Peter Beasley from Larkmead School to discuss how they rolled out Workspace 365 within their organisation.


How did Larkmead rollout the digital workspace


What were important milestones?


Tips for other educational organisations

Watch the session on-demand

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    “We’ve implemented it around easter break last year. And we decided to go with Workspace 365 because of the different dynamics it offers in terms of other providers that we’ve looked at.”

    Peter Beasley, IT Manager Larkmead School

    Workspace 365 - Adaptive Workspace