This year we have published quite a few videos, and in this blog we share the ten most watched videos. Would you like to know which videos you liked the most in 2020? Then watch with us!

Meet the Development Team: Software Developer

In this video, Software Developer Ilya Tiunov describes what it’s like to work for Workspace 365. He explains how his team works and the work he does on a daily basis. Are you curious what it’s like to work for Workspace 365 as a Software Developer? Then watch this video!

Work as Cloud Engineer at Workspace 365

In addition to our Software Developer Ilya, Laurens Holtkamp, Success Maker and Product Manager at Workspace 365, also explains his view of what it’s like to work at Workspace 365. He will tell you about his experiences, his growth over the past years and what his job entails. Sounds good? Start as a Cloud Support Engineer and take a look at our jobs site!

Meet the Growth Team: Opportunity Maker

People were not only curious about Software Developers and Cloud Engineers this year, but also about Opportunity Makers! Maurice Nijhuis from the Growth team appears in a video talking about his experiences as well. Maurice explains what the client’s challenges are and how his team supports them.

“I immediately noticed that there was a lot of talent, enthusiasm and energy within Workspace 365.

Story of Workspace 365

In the webinar ‘Story of Workspace 365’, we explain why we focus on people who make a difference and discuss trends that will influence work in the future. We explain how Micro Apps can unite information from all your applications in one digital workspace using Workspace 365.

What’s the difference between a hybrid and an adaptive workspace?

In this video we explain the difference between a hybrid and an adaptive workspace. We discuss the most important characteristics of the adaptive workspace and explain how Workspace 365 is both a hybrid and an adaptive workspace!

Partner yellow arrow on Workspace 365

This year we visited our partner yellow arrow. In this video, Peter Noorderijk, end boss at yellow arrow, explains why they offer Workspace 365 to their customers, how their customers experience Workspace 365 and how they experience the collaboration with Workspace 365.

Rely: Story of a Workspace 365 partner

In addition to yellow arrow, partner Rely also shares its experiences as a Workspace 365 partner. In this video, Roel Jager from Rely explains his vision of the future and how Workspace 365 makes work easier for his customers.

How to restore file versions with SharePoint version history – Workspace 365

We explain how to restore files from SharePoint using version history. We’ll take you through the process of restoring a document step by step, so that you can always easily find older versions of your file within Workspace 365.

Workspace 365 core values

We have worked hard this year to define our core values. Would you like to know what the core values of Workspace 365 are? Watch our video explaining why Workspace 365 is so special and what our teams stand for. Are you even more curious about Workspace 365 after watching the video? Then take a look at the ‘our mission‘ page!

Leading in times of remote working – presented by Ruben Spruijt

In this webinar Ruben Spruijt, sr. Technologist at Nutanix, shares his advice on how you can lead people who are working from home. He talks about how you can achieve goals – team goals as well as individual goals, and which tools can help with remote working. At the end of the webinar he also talks about how you can make sure that your digital on-boarding is going smoothly.

These were our ten most watched videos of 2020. Want to see more videos from Workspace 365? Let us know what videos you’d like to see and who knows, you might see this video in 2021!

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