Trends for CIOs – 2022

Online session with Matthew Plummer (Opportunity Maker in the UK) from Workspace 365.

On-demand – April

Are you curious about the trends for CIOs? In this session, Matthew Plummer (Opportunity Maker in the UK) discusses the most important trends for CIOs in 2022. We’ll dive into the expectations and potential challenges.


The most important trends for CIOs for this year


The challenges that will have a major impact


How a digital workspace plays a role in these trends

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Matthew Plummer

About Matthew Plummer

Matthew has over 10 years of experience in IT, ranging from data centre systems right through to SaaS applications. He joined Workspace 365 recently due to seeing the complexity that has arisen in organisations whilst transforming from the traditional local application way of working to the new world Cloud / SaaS first approach. Conquering complexity to provide a happy work-life to all who use IT is Matthew’s goal.