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Workspace 365

Ultimate Search Engine

Workspace 365

Workspace 365 for IT managers

The ideal workspace for Education

The ideal digital workspace for Education

Find out all the different elements you can use to create the ideal workspace for Education in this 30-minute online event!


Workspace for information managers

Create the ultimate workplace, as an information manager, with Workspace 365! The right resources for the right people at the right time .

Workspace 365

Gartner 2021 Digital Workplace Summit

Schedule your meeting with us at the Gartner Digital Workspace Summit. Discover more about the four pillars of the adaptive workspace and Workspace 365.

Innovator circle

Innovator Circle

Join the Innovator Circle and receive the first looks on designs and upcoming developments. Help us create the ultimate digital workspace!

Software frustration helpdesk

Troubles with your software? No worries, we got you! Call the software frustration helpdesk to yell at our employees or listen to nature sounds.

Workspace 365 intranet

Workspace 365 for communication managers

Why do communication managers choose Workspace 365? Bring your communication and collaboration to one workspace that people access every day.

Digital workspace healthcare USA

Digital Workspace for Healthcare in the USA

Our first paper on the perspective of IT-leaders on the digital workspace for healthcare in the USA. Read all about the research here!

Wellbeing of employees

Wellbeing of employees

Since COVID-19, working from home has become more normal and the well-being of your employees is more important than ever.

Workspace 365

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Transition to the cloud

Transition to the cloud

How to move away from the remote desktop and move to a modern browser-based workspace. Find out it out in this session!