Many companies are postponing their migration to Office 365. Whilst they do see benefits in functionalities like always being able to access information or sharing files via links, they are not ready yet. Why not? The most common reason we hear from partners and customers is that file servers are not configured to easily migrate them to SharePoint. In addition, some companies developed connections between the file server and a software application. To provide companies the power of the cloud without the need to migrate file servers to Office 365, we are developing a file server integration.

Fileserver, OneDrive and SharePoint available in one DMS

Soon we will bring OneDrive, SharePoint and local file servers together within a user-friendly Documents app in Workspace 365. Our goal is to bundle document locations giving employees overview on their documents, without having to navigate to multiple document systems. This brings flexibility to admins as they can allow employees to move their own personal documents to OneDrive or SharePoint as the local file servers will be available in the online environment. This brings the advantage that companies get the option to choose which file servers are migrated by the IT administrator, making it possible to gradually phase out the file servers.

Workspace 365 with file server, SharePoint and OneDrive integrated
Workspace 365 with file server, SharePoint and OneDrive integrated in one DMS

Bridge to the cloud: Hybrid DMS

When migrating to a new system it is important that the entire organization cooperates and subsequently also adopts the new system. IT managers now get the opportunity to increase the adoption of services such as Office 365, online documents and mail, by creating a bridge between the old IT environment and the new workspace.  Additionally, it is also possible to integrate legacy Windows applications within Workspace 365 as local or hosted applications using Citrix XenApp or our own Clientless RDP. Since these legacy applications are accessible in one click with Single Sign-On employees receive one complete workspace with all their documents, mail, cloud- & legacy applications.

Mark Grasmayer

Mark Grasmayer

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