Update version 2.40 has been released. To give people the power of SharePoint, with the user-friendliness and consistency of a document management solution, companies choose the Workspace 365 Document app. By doing this they have lower implementation costs and less support tickets concerning SharePoint management. To reward organizations for choosing Workspace 365 we gladly introduce new features within our Document app.

Which documents do you really need?

This update (v.2.40) gives admins the possibility to let people choose to show or hide their own root folders (teamsites and subsites) within the Document app. This is especially useful for organizations in which people work on e.g. project base. Sometimes these people get the rights to access hundreds of teamsites, while they only need ten teamsites on a daily base.

This is also a really nice addition for Workspace 365 admins, as this gives users a higher level of self-service reducing tickets. Do you want to give Workspace 365 users the possibility to choose which root folders they see in their Document app? Visit our support portal.


Online Office apps insufficient? No problem.

The new update makes it even easier for Workspace 365-users to open files in the online or local Office apps (documents, sheets, presentations, notes). IT-admins might recognize that there might be resistance from people against the online Office apps as they lack specific features while migrating to Office 365 and SharePoint.

While Microsoft tries to push people to the online Office app, we want to help people get used to the new way of working without pushing them in at once. That is why we allow users who create a new file or open recently modified files to choose between the local (trusted) Office apps or the online Office apps (nice for reading and soft editing). This also reduces the amount of questions from employees who work with Office apps as they can select the app they need.

Using templates within Workspace 365

Since this update it is also possible to use templates which are created by admins within SharePoint. This way you can easily create offers, contracts and other repeatable documents within the Workspace 365 Document app.

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These features are now available for your Workspace 365 environment. Don’t have your own Workspace 365 environment or did you not yet receive the update? Try our free demo! Do you want to automatically receive the release notes? Visit our Support Portal to set it up.

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Mark Grasmayer

Product Evangelist

 Ps. Don’t see the update yet? You will probably receive it soon from your IT-service provider.

Mark Grasmayer

Mark Grasmayer

Product Evangelist

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