In update version 2.43 we added more than 80 new icons to the workspace. By adding icons of the most used applications, like Salesforce or Dropbox, it is possible to set up your workspace even quicker. And when you add all the web- or Windows applications which you need to the workspace you will get a central and clear workspace. Would you like a standard icon to be added? Let us know or vote for other feature requests.

New: icons for more than 80 applications

Everyday new applications are being developed, therefore it is possible to upload your own icons as an admin. However, as many companies use the same software applications we help you by adding icons to the most used tools. And as Workspace 365 users also login to their workspace in the evening or the weekend we also added icons to personal applications. This gives people the possibility to open both personal and company applications from one online workspace. Check your workspace to see the new icons and you’ll discover to which applications you’d like to simplify access.

New: admins can add a domain hint

In update 2.43 we added the possibility for an administrator to add a domain hint to the OAuth2 Single Sign-On Settings. By doing this federated users will be redirected to your organization login page instead of passing by the generic Azure login page first. Are you curious how to set this up? Check out

In progress: Fileserver, OneDrive and SharePoint available in one DMS

Many companies are postponing their migration to Office 365. Whilst they do see benefits in functionalities like always being able to access information or sharing files via links, they are not ready yet. Why not? The most common reason we hear from partners and customers is that file servers are not configured to easily migrate them to SharePoint. In addition, some companies developed connections between the file server and a software application. To provide companies the power of the cloud without the need to migrate file servers to Office 365, we are developing a file server integration. Find out more about the file server integration on this page.

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Mark Grasmayer

Mark Grasmayer

Product Evangelist

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