Update 2.49 brings you powerful features including Office online editors for the file server, multi-factor authentication for on-premises Exchange and many more. This time we also released a Workspace 365 update video to show all new features. Do you have ideas to improve Workspace 365? Let us know or vote for other feature requests.

New: Business App Overview Builder

We are glad to announce the Business App overview builder. This allows you to tailor the Business Apps to your personal needs. You can easily add fields to an overview which are important to you, or turn of fields which have no use for you.


New: Office online editors for the File Server

In the previous update, we integrated the file server with SharePoint & OneDrive within our document app. We received a lot of positive feedback and a couple of questions. One was about the usage of the online Office apps. That is why it is now also possible to use Online Office apps for the file server within the Workspace 365 documents app.

File server, SharePoint and OneDrive in Workspace 365 en Office 365

New: oAuth2 – Multi-Factor Authentication support for on-premises Exchange

Another powerful feature is that we now allow you to implement On-Premises Exchange combined with oAuth. This allows you to add multi-factor authentication to your on-premises Exchange environment. By doing this, you create a security layer on top of your on-premises exchange allowing you to combine the old, with the new IT world.

New: Multiple applications using Clientless RDP

With this release we made a huge improvement on the Clientless RDP. It is a long awaited feature, but you can now open multiple applications at the same time within different browser tabs. This way, you can easily switch between hosted applications like you would switch between your web apps. Try our demo to experience this.

New: Add a custom sign-out URL

Next to this, we now allow admins to add a custom Sign-Out redirect URL. By doing this you can determine where people will navigate to when they click on Sign-Out. This way, you can push people to a page with instructions or your company page.

Improvements: Big Power BI tiles & full hover on tiles

Another great feature is the enhancement of the Power BI Live tile. You could already get insight in your latest data, however we have made some improvements: you can now get a large preview, put the title in the header of the tile and you have the option to select Power BI tiles from groups. This makes it easier to set up your Power BI tile and to use it on a daily base to gain insights in everything you need to know to perform better.


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These features are now available for your Workspace 365 environment. Don’t have your own Workspace 365 environment or did you not yet receive the update? Try our free demo! Do you want to automatically receive the release notes? Visit our Support Portal to set it up.

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 Ps. Don’t see the update yet? You will probably receive it soon from your IT-service provider.

Mark Grasmayer

Mark Grasmayer

Product Evangelist

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