In update 2.51 we focussed on our integration with Citrix XenApp and the Citrix Receiver and our interface. We want to help people to easily access applications from their workspace, without having to sign-in multiple times. Furthermore, we are preparing for huge improvements in our interface to keep simplifying your work. We would love to hear your opinion about the future of the workspace. Do you have ideas to improve Workspace 365? Let us know or vote for other feature requests.

Improved: Adding Citrix applications for groups or individual users

In our previous update we already launched a beta of our Citrix XenApp integration. And as many customers like to add single sign-on to hosted desktop applications using Workspace 365, we developed a new Citrix XenApp shortcut. This makes it even easier for admins to set permissions and even add predefined Citrix applications to the workspace. Doing this you can add a Citrix application to a specific group or even an individual user.

New: Citrix Receiver integration within Workspace 365 (also on Mac)

Another great improvement is the ability to detect if the local Citrix receiver is installed on your device. If you installed Citrix Receiver and click on a Citrix XenApp application within Workspace 365 it will automatically start the local Citrix applications. Of course, you could already work within your browser, but this allows users whom are used to work with the local receiver to open applications as they are used to. This strengthens the hybrid workspace as it combines both the new (cloud) and old (local apps, file servers & hosted desktops) IT world within one workspace. Would you also like to use the Citrix Receiver integration? Send a message to: [email protected]

New: Clear dialogues for a bright future

Some exciting news, our design team is working hard on creating huge workspace improvements. They are always aiming to design the most modern workspace available. To reach this you will see minor improvements, which combined will have a huge impact and increase your productivity even further. The first of these improvements will give a modern look to the workspace using a new styling on the dialogues. Check it out in the demo or in the image below.


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Mark Grasmayer

Product Evangelist

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Mark Grasmayer

Mark Grasmayer

Product Evangelist

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