Lately we have been working hard to internationalize Workspace 365. Not only are we gaining partners in several countries, the workspace will also be available in multiple languages, so that it’s even easier to use by companies with employees abroad. Furthermore, there are new features and improvements in this update to make your work and the use of Workspace 365 even easier. Do you have ideas for Workspace 365? Vote or add a feature request.

New: Danish Workspace 365 ‘Din digitale arbejdsplads’

Workspace 365 is hard at work to expand her partner network abroad. Recently we’ve started a partnership with Cortex Consult, an IT-provider from Copenhagen, Denmark. With their customers, they see a need for a solution that helps them to focus on their work, and they want to offer the solution with Workspace 365. That is why we, with the help of our partner Cortex Consult, also made Workspace 365 available in Danish. Do you also want to add a language? Let us know.

Workspace 365 update 2.55

New: Share and download documents from the live tile

Heretofore you had to, to download or share a document, first go to the file location. Since this update it’s possible to download or share a file directly from the live tile, both through a link or per e-mail. You simply click on the file in the Documents live tile and click the desired action.

Workspace 365 update 2.55

New: Choose the location for your home button

The Home button now leads you, logically, to the homescreen of Workspace 365. But what if you for instance want to use Office 365 or an intranet portal as your homescreen and just want to use the Workspace 365 fileserver or Clientless RDP? That will get a lot easier with this update. Admins can now choose where the Home button within Workspace 365 will lead you to, so you could also link this to your homescreen within Office 365.

New: Reset workspaces to default or the admins’ workspace  

Besides offering applications in shared groups, you also have the possibility to set up personal groups. Before, this was possible to do as an admin even before creating new users; they would get your workspace as a template. From this update forward you also have the possibility to do this for existing users. Attention: this will overwrite their current workspace. Do you want to add specific applications? Than it’s still best to use the shared groups.

Improvement: Delete from shared list

Within the workspace you have a folder with shared files. Now and again there would be some confusion about deleting files from this folder. People often thought that by clicking “Delete”, they were deleting the file entirely. However, the file was in fact only deleting from the folder with shared files and was still accessible to other users with whom the file was shared. That’s why the “Delete” option is now replaced with the “Remove from shared list” option; to avoid future confusion.

Workspace 365 update 2.55

Improvement: mix personal and shared tile groups

In preperation of the flexible workspace, it’s now possible to move groups with shared tiles or to mix them with groups with personal tiles. Move both kinds of groups by simply clicking on the arrows below the groups, just like you’re used to.

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Mark Grasmayer

Mark Grasmayer

Product Evangelist

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