We are constantly working on making Workspace 365 easier for the user. With this update, we mostly focussed on working with documents, like the document app or with the e-mail app and the file server. Do you have ideas for Workspace 365? Vote or submit a feature request.

New: Upload folders to the document app

Before it was possible to upload the complete contents of a folder from your computer to the document app within Workspace 365, but not the folder itself. This means that if you wanted to upload a folder, all files that were in that folder would end up scattered between your other documents in the location where you wanted to upload the folder to. Now it’s possible to upload complete folders to the document app, and not only the files that particular folder contains. Simply drag-and-drop the folder(s) to the upload screen.

import folders update 2.56 Workspace 365

New: Save e-mail attachments to the file server

Before this update, the e-mail app did not work well enough with the file server, so it was not possible to save an attachment from an e-mail directly to the fileserver. Now, this is possible.

update 2.56 Workspace 365

Upcoming: New grid and implementation of social intranet

We are taking the next steps to a complete digital workspace. We will be working hard on the background to integrate the social intranet within the workspace. To accomplish this, there will be new possibilities to set up the workspace in the near future, like mixing small and large tiles or adding new integrations like the Yammer feed. With this, you can soon offer a safe digital workspace in which you open any type of application with just one click and in which all documents, information and applications are available based on a persons’ role.

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Georgien Modijefsky

Georgien Modijefsky


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