Update 2.58 brings some big changes. Since the last update it was already possible to mix different sized tiles in groups. This new update brings you more flexibility to create the best digital workspace by adding new tile sizes. This way, you can display the RSS tiles even clearer with images with the news items. Curious about what else has improved? Read further to discover more. 

New: Larger RSS live tiles with images

Make the news a more prominent part of your dashboard. Stay updated on news around your area of expertise and organisation. From this update forward, it’s possible to make the live tile bigger, so that images can be displayed as well. This way, you have a clear overview of your most important news at a glance, directly from the workspace you open daily to reach your applications, information and documents with just one click.

RSS live tile Workspace 365 EN

New: Smaller tiles for more overview

Since the last update it was already possible to place different sized tiles, like the live tiles and the app tiles, together in the same group. This way you can group all related information and applications together on your dashboard. With update 2.58, it also becomes possible to make most tiles smaller. In doing so, you can personalise your dashboard even more, by making tiles larger or smaller based on their relevance to you, and mix them together in tile groups.

Small apps Workspace 365

New: Information screen about new features

Every update we make new changes and improvements to simplify work for the users. Since not everyone is familiar with our update blogs and videos, we have introduced a ‘new feature’ information dialogue within the digital workspace. If there are new or improved aspects of the workspace, the user will see the most important changes after logging in. This way they always stay quickly and easily informed about changes and new possibilities in their workspace.

New: Maintenance mode for applications

Sometimes applications require maintenance. This can be a nuicanse for the user if they don’t know why they can’t reach the application and when it will be available again. That is why the workspace admin can easily set up a time period during which an application cannot be reached. This also shows everyone that the application is unavailable due to maintenance. This saves the admin a lot of questions and e-mails about application maintenance.

App in maintenance Workspace 365

New: Select folders to upload them

Since update 2.56 it was already possible to upload complete folders to your Document app, by dragging and dropping them to the upload screen. From this update forward there will be an easier way. Now it’s possible to upload complete folders to the Document app by simply choosing ‘select a folder’ in the upload screen instead of a file.

Upload folders Workspace 365

New: Integrate NextCloud and more

Today we are thrilled to announce that we can integrate even more file solutions including NextCloud and more.

Many companies need more document solutions than Office 365/SharePoint. We allow them to bring all their document solutions together in one document app. To support the file server even better, we also added more functionalities for the users:
1. You can now create folders from the item selector
2. You can now create and save files to the file server from the Office tiles
3. You can now create and save files to the file server from the Plus menu

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Georgien Modijefsky

Georgien Modijefsky


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