This update will make it even easier and quicker for you to find information and create things like records and documents from your dashboard. With several new features, you don’t even have to leave your dashboard for certain actions. Want to know more? Keep on reading. Do you have ideas for Workspace 365? Vote or submit a feature request!

New: The contacts sidebar

This update enables you even more than before to combine your digital workspace with a social intranet. You are already able to combine and view your (company) news, statistics, applications and enterprise social media like Yammer within the digital workspace, and now we’ve added another social element with the contacts sidebar.
Want to quickly call someone or send an e-mail? With the new contacts sidebar, you can quickly find the information you need. All of your contacts are now available in a sidebar on your dashboard and are equal to your Office 365 and Exchange contacts. So whenever you add a new contact there, it will automatically appear in your contacts sidebar. You can just simply search the person you need and click on their contact information to call them or send them an e-mail, straight from your dashboard. You can also click on a person’s location to open it in Google Maps. This adds another social element to your digital workspace.

Contacts sidebar Workspace 365

New: Bookmark files and folders

If you have files or folders you access frequently, you’d want them to be easy to reach. That is why you can now bookmark your most important files and folders. They will appear in a separate bookmark folder in your document library, so you can reach them quickly without having to constantly look for them.

Bookmark documents files folders Workspace 365

New: Create documents from the live tile

From this update forward, you can not only view your most recently edited documents in the live tile – you can also create new ones. With just one single click on a button in the Documents live tile, you can instantly create a new document.

Create documents from live tile Workspace 365

New: Create Business App records from the live tile

In update 2.61, Workspace 365 already introduced the Business App live tiles. This update takes these live tiles to the next level. Now you will not only be able to quickly view information from your Business Apps, but you’re also able to keep this information up to date and create new information. With one click you are now able to create new Business App records from the live tile, without having to access a Business App first. Furthermore, this allows you to quickly enter data to third-party applications (e.g. Salesforce) if they are connected to the Business Apps.

Create new Business Apps Workspace 365

New: Admins can decide on welcome e-mails for new and existing users

Before, when an admin would import a new user in Workspace 365, a welcome e-mail would be automatically sent to that person. However, some admins might want to first design the entire workspace before a new user gets notified. That is why from this update forward, an admin can decide when he or she wants the welcome e-mail to be sent.

Improvement: A more complete default Workspace

When you create a new workspace, it will be more complete by default. This means that every standard workspace will include applications such as Yammer, Office applications and social platforms – you don’t have to add them yourself anymore.

Improvement: Add tiles directly to a tile group

When you want to add a new tile to a group, it can be a hassle when the tile first appears between your new apps and you have to search for and move it. That is why we have made this a lot easier. From now on, you can add a new tile directly to a group. Next to this, you are now able to remove a complete tile group.

Add tiles to group Workspace 365

Improvement: Tooltips show the full document name

Do you have two documents with long but similar names? No problem! In the Documents Dialogues, a tooltip will now show you the entire name of the document you’re hovering over, so you don’t have to open a document or document location anymore to find out which exact document it is.

Tooltip documents dialog box

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