This update brings more actions to execute straight from your dashboard. Now you can for instance easily keep up your to-do list with the new Microsoft To-Do tile and you easily navigate to bookmarks to open documents. Curious? Keep on reading. Do you have ideas for Workspace 365? Vote or submit a feature request!

New: Quickly start working with the Microsoft To-Do tile

Never forget another task again because you forgot to write it down or saved it in some note in your phone. Workspace 365 already makes many aspects of work easier and clearer, and now also does this for your to-do list. Wherever you are and on whatever device you’re working, with the new To-Do live tile you will always have a clear overview of your to-do list. Check off tasks that are done the minute you’ve finished them and add new tasks instantly. Subsequently, you can always keep your to-do list up-to-date and know precisely what you still have to do and what you’ve already done.

To Do Tile GIF Workspace 365

New: Bookmark tab in the live tile

In our previous update we told you about quickly finding important documents and files by bookmarking them. With this update, finding these bookmarks has become even easier, with the new bookmarks tab in the Documents tile. Besides most recently edited documents, you will also be able to find your bookmarked files and folders in de Document tile, so you can find, open and edit them straight from your dashboard.


New: Create emails and calendar items through the live tile

Update 2.62 already brought many new actions from the dashboard, like creating new documents and new Business App records from the livetiles. This update brings even more actions. You can now start writing a new email instantly after just one click on the Email live tile, and you can add a new item to your schedule in the Calendar live tile with just one click.

add email calendar live tiles Workspace 365

Improved: Web content tiles support more content

With this update, the amount of content you’re able to integrate in your digital workspace becomes even bigger. With our iFrames, i.e. web content tiles, you have endless integration possibilities. You already could for instance easily watch YouTube videos or add a map from Google Maps to your dashboard. Now our iFrames support even more content. You can now for example view and use your Twitter feed live from your dashboard.

New: Download email attachments

Save files directly from your email to your device? It’s possible! From this update forward, you can not only save email attachments to your online document management system, but also download them directly on your device.

New: More app icons

Do you want the tile to show what application it concerns more clearly? The range of application icons just got a whole lot bigger. Also the logos of a few widely used (web) applications and brands are among our new icons. Think for instance Slack, Google Drive and Adobe Illustrator. This way, you can make your dashboard even clearer. Of course, as an admin, you can also upload icons yourself.

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