Update 2.64 will be released at the end of this week and brings more ease to everyone using the workspace. You can now integrate Google search, and how great would it be to always be able to use your Workspace 365 applications, even while using a platform other than Workspace 365? We now allow you to bring Workspace 365 groups to your other platforms. Discover more in this update. Do you have ideas for Workspace 365? Vote or submit a feature request!

New: Search Google from your dashboard

What is the first step when you roll out Workspace 365 in your organisation? Of course, you set it as your homepage. However, some people prefer Google as their home page as it allows them to quickly find anything they need. That is why we now introduce the Google search tile. With this tile you can search Google straight from your workspace, without having to navigate anywhere. So you can now add the tile and set Workspace 365 as your home page without losing the power of search.

Google search bar Workspace 365

New: Embed shared tile groups in other platforms

Some companies use multiple platforms for different employee groups to communicate and consume information. Why not extend these platforms and integrate all the applications you use? To make it easier to reach (web and RDP) applications or information based on people’s role, we now made it possible to integrate your Workspace 365 Shared Tile Groups within any platform that supports iFrames and is connected to Oauth/Azure for authentication. This allows people to easily access their legacy applications, such as RDP or Citrix apps, from all their platforms using Workspace 365.

New: The TOPdesk live tile

We want to help our white label partners to use Workspace 365 for the interaction with their customers. A way to do this is to give customers insight into their tickets, without having to log in to an external system.

The first integration we’ve developed for this is TOPdesk. Also, we will start supporting Autotask and ConnectWise in the near future. In this version it’s only possible to see the (status of) open tickets. The next step is to also let customers submit new tickets through Workspace 365. Do you have any other integrations you would like to see in the digital workspace? Let us know!

TOPdesk live tile Workspace 365

New: Keep editing by staying in edit mode

After you edit a tile you will now stay in edit mode. Many partners asked us to change this, as they reported that editing multiple tiles required an extra step, as every time you saved a tile, you would exit edit mode and would have to re-enter edit mode again. From now on, whenever you save a tile, the workspace remains in edit mode, so you can keep on editing your tiles.

Edit mode Workspace 365

New: More tile sizes for email

If email is an important part of your day, you can now give it a more prominent place in your workspace by making the tile larger. And if you make the Email tile larger, you will also see more information, like the contact’s profile picture and icons for attachments or priorities. There are several new sizes available, so you can choose the right fit for your workspace.

Email tile sizes Workspace 365

New: Open a file location from the Bookmarks live tile

You can easily find and open files and folders from the Bookmarks tab in the Documents live tile or within the Document app. Additionally, it is now possible to open the location of the folders.

Open bookmarked folders Workspace 365

Improvement: ‘Reply all’ as default in Email

When there’s a group email, people usually want to reply to all. That is why we changed the default reply option. From this update forward, you can reply to all recipients with one click as ‘Reply all’ is the default.

Improvement: Hide headers and footers in web content tiles

With iFrames, you have endless possibilities for integrating web content into your digital workspace. However, to make your workspace look even more appealing, you don’t really want the headers and footers of your live tile showing, as they just take up space without adding functionality. That is why you can now hide them, so that your web content (videos, news feeds and more) seamlessly blends into your workspace.

Web content header footer Workspace 365

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Georgien Modijefsky

Georgien Modijefsky


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