Update 2.67 will go live on Friday November 23rd and will bring you more ease in the Documents app, for working with external parties and for viewing (web)content. We’ve also expanded our support for your support, or in other words: we’ve integrated a new service to display your organisation’s support tickets. Want to find out all about the new and improved features that will make your work even easier? Continue reading! Do you have ideas for Workspace 356? Vote or submit a feature request!

New: Automatically configure SharePoint sites (Preview)

Configuring the Workspace 365 Documents app has just become a lot easier for admins. They can now automatically enable (new) SharePoint TeamSites. TeamSites are detected automatically based on the user(s) permissions. This way you won’t have to configure each TeamSite separately. If the user has permissions to an Office 365 Group, Teams or TeamSite, the sites are automatically added to the user(s) Document App. This saves admins a lot of time and effort.

Configure SharePoint Workspace 365

New: Reorder SharePoint sites

You are now able to reorder your SharePoint sites by clicking on the eye icon in the Workspace 365 Document app. Instead of redirecting you to a new page, now a sidebar will appear. In this sidebar, you can not only reorder the SharePoint sites, but you can also choose to show or hide TeamSites or Libraries from this same sidebar.

Sharepoint sites sidebar Workspace 365

New: Provide Guest accounts to outside users

When working with external parties, it can be useful when they have easy access to certain information, applications and shared documents. That is why we now allow you to give external users access to the workspace with an Azure Guest account. This way, they can also stay up-to-date on information, processes and changes and work in the same documents, even at the same time, just like you do with your colleagues. This way, you simplify working with external parties.

External users Workspace 365

New: Preview images in the Documents app

Easily determine which image is which with the ability to preview images in the Documents app. When you have multiple image files in one folder and you can’t remember which one is the one you need or which file name relates to which image, you can simply preview the image with one click to find out. Tip: you can use your keyboard arrows to navigate left or right while in preview mode.

Preview images Workspace 365

New: The ConnectWise live tile

Besides the TOPdesk live tile, we now also let you improve your support services with ConnectWise. With the new ConnectWise live tile, users can view their tickets at any time, so that they’re always up-to-date on the status of their pending tickets.

ConnectWise live tile Workspace 365

Improvement: Enlarge web content

Our web content tiles give you endless possibilities to integrate content into your workspace. With this update, we allow you to take a closer look at this web content. You are now able to enlarge web content in a pop-up window, even as large as full-screen, so you can clearly view the content you find important. You are now also able to make the web content tile itself smaller and resize it to 1×1 or 2×2 sized tiles. In this case, when you click on the tile, the web content will open in a pop-up by default.

Enlarge web content Workspace 365

Improvement: Enlarge the Yammer tile in a pop-up

Speaking of important content: we are also giving you the possibility to get a clearer view of the content your colleagues are posting on Yammer. Just like with web content, from this update forward you are able to enlarge the Yammer tile in a pop-up window, even full-screen. Subsequently, you can browse through and post on Yammer more easily.

Enlarge Yammer Workspace 365

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Georgien Modijefsky

Georgien Modijefsky


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