From the feedback sessions with our partners and customers we have many new features and improvements for update 2.72. Because our partners are talking to and are at customers daily, we are capable of directly react to wishes and needs. This way, we got the request from multiple partners (including PQR, SLTN, Unica ICT Solutions) to add managed email signatures and from ITON, Sigmax and TCC we learned that there are customers who want to disable the address book voor some of their employees. View which new items there are and how you can use them to simplify your work. 

New: Multiple calendars in your Calendar live tile

Update 2.72 makes collaborating with colleagues even easier. From now on, you can get insight into the (shared) calendars of your colleagues or groups. We make this possible with multiple tabs in your Calendar live tile, in which you can view the calendars of your teams and colleagues.

Calendar Workspace 365 GIF

Add colleagues’ calendars

If you plan many appointments with certain colleagues or even manage a collegea’s calendar, naturally it’s easier when you can view and open them straight from your workspace. This update makes this possible, by adding these calendars to a new tab of the live tile.

Add calendars from groups or teams

This new option does not only advance the collaboration with specific colleagues, but also with entire teams and departments. Your team or groups can view calendars in the live tile.

Marketing teams for example often work with a shared calendar, since they’re frequently dealing with deadlines, events, meetings and content calendars. By placing the appointments in a shared calendar, everyone can get insight into the planning from their workspace and know which important dates and events will occur.

How do you easily add a shared calendar or a colleague’s calendar?

You can easily add a shared calendar to your Calendar live tile in just a few steps.

Step 1: Right-click the Calendar live tile and select “Edit tile”

Edit Calendar tile Workspace 365

Step 2: Click the plus icon to create a new tab and choose one of the available calendars

Add Shared Calendar Workspace 365

Step 3: Save the tile and you’re done!

Don’t have a shared calendar available yet and do you want to create one? You can simply navigate to your calendar with the Calendar live tile and create a new calendar through the plus icon near ‘Your calendars’. You can share these with your colleagues.

New: Managed email signatures

As an organisation, you want to be consistent in your communication to the outside world. We make this easier with the new managed email signatures, which admins can create for everyone within the organisation.

Managed Signature Workspace 365

Every email signatures alike due to placeholders

The admin can easily create email signatures with the help of placeholders, such as First name, Last name and Email address. These will automatically replaced with the information of the specific user from Workspace 365 or from the (Azure) Active Directory. Also, the admin can add images, such as the company logo. Subsequently, the format of the email signature is the same for everyone in the organisation and everyone is sending the correct information with his or her emails.

Easier set-up of personal signatures

For the organisations who don’t use managed email signatures, we have made it easier to set up and edit personal email signatures. Before, this had to be set up on the user’s profile page. Now, it’s possible to do this in the place where you actually create and send your emails: in the Email app. This way, you can quickly edit your email signature while you’re working in your emailbox.

New: Upload your own Home logo

Custom home logo Workspace 365

Customising and designing the workspace is important to create recognisability with employees. Therefore, in update 2.69, we enabled people to add multiple brandings. Consequently, every organisation can apply their own branding within one digital workspace. However, from multiple customers and partners we got the request to also edit the Home logo at the top. This becomes possible with this update. By using your own logo, you create recognisability for your brand.

What else is new?

The features above are the highlights of this update. But there’s more, such as:

  • Disabling SharePoint through Settings
  • The workspace is now available in Spanish
  • ‘Create new email’ from a dialog
  • Copy multiple items at the same time between SharePoint libraries
  • Disable the Address Book in the App Store

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Georgien Modijefsky

Georgien Modijefsky


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